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Friday, July 20, 2018

Unexciting roleplay

Marvel Entertainment's Marvel Run Jump Smash! had everything going for it; if only the in-app purchases didn’t act as a hurdle

Mumbai | Updated: February 19, 2014 3:02:18 pm
Marvel Run Jump Smash! Marvel Run Jump Smash!

Thanks to the popularity of endless runner games, Marvel Entertainment too decided to join the bandwagon and launch a game in this genre. From the name, one expects Marvel Run Jump Smash! to be a colourful side-scrolling running game with tons of exciting twists and turns. The game features a variety of characters from some of the most popular comic books. But at the end of it, the overall presentation does not match up to other favourites in the genre, like Jetpack Joyride or Punch Quest.
Choose from the available iconic Marvel locations and the player can start off as a SHIELD agent – where you can choose to play as Nick Fury or Maria Hill depending on your gender. You have to run towards the destination and collect coins on the way. But the player must avoid the baddies that try to stop their path, and if they attack, you have to hit them back. Periodically, you will see a superhero token on the screen. By touching the token, the player can turn into a superhero like Hulk, Iron Man among others for a brief period. Each hero has a special element. For example: you can fly as Iron Man, smash enemies as Hulk or run swiftly as Super Spy Black Widow. But honestly, they don’t really make a huge difference to the game. As you keep collecting these tokens, the player gets the advantage of transforming into various characters. You can also collect coins and defeat enemies to earn additional tokens and unlock a new superhero or location. But a word of advice here—the upgrades are rare.
Now, although this game sounds exciting, it really isn’t the case. The graphics are decent, but you end up comparing the designs with that of Jetpack Joyride. The music is below average and fails to build the sense of excitement around a player. Instead, it ends up sounding like an extended version of the Avengers OST. Besides, unlocking almost everything requires a lot of time and a heavy wallet. Every other upgrade requires tons of coins earned during the game or real money. But when each run helps you earn only a meager amount and the in – game currency is also handed out sparingly, the player will end up taking months to unlock upgrades. Most of the major superheros like Thor, Spider-Man among others cost a bomb and after paying Rs.55 for the game, one feels cheated when such hurdles crop up. Plus, the game is not really offering anything new. The hurdles are predictable and repetitive and the game does not spring a surprise at any point.
Considering the game is not free and it keeps asking for purchases, it comes as a huge disappointment. With a big name like Marvel attached to it and the inclusion of some really interesting characters, one expected fireworks. But Marvel Run Jump Splash! is an average fare. You might want to play the new upgrades on Temple Run instead.


Shemaroo Entertainment releases 101 Rajesh Khanna Hits on DVD

As a gift for all the fans of Rajesh Khanna, Shemaroo Entertainment has encapsulated some of the most magical moments that the legendary actor created on the silver screen. The company has released a special edition pack of 3 DVDs named 101 Rajesh Khanna Hits, a complete pack that incorporates different flavors of the various characters that he has played during his time. The 101 songs epitomises a range of emotions – be it melancholy or romance. The DVD is priced at Rs. 299.
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 demo released

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. has announced the release of a playable demo of its eagerly-awaited Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. The demos of all the formats allows users to become familiar with the many new advances including the game’s all-new controllable camera, vast locations, and intuitive combat elements. The full game is scheduled to be released on February 27 for Playstation 3, PlayStation Network, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE Games on Demand, and Steam for PC.

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