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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Total Transformation

Wearing costumes similar to Madonna's conical bra and Michael Jackson style jackets, Kangana Ranaut breaks the style barrier in her upcoming flick Revolver Rani

Mumbai | Updated: April 24, 2014 12:07:34 pm
Kangana Ranaut Kangana Ranaut

By Dhwani Mody

Designer Gavin Miguel, who had styled Kangana Ranaut’s look as a mutant in Krissh 3, has styled the actress in a quirky, masculine and innovative look in Revolver Rani. For her role of a local goon in the film which is a political drama set in rural Madhya Pradesh, the actress wears a tanned look, wearing dhoti pants with boots, funky glasses and metal accessories. Ranaut has gone out of her way to look real and convincing. “I was briefed directly by Kangana who was very clear about carrying an experimental look.” said Miguel.
Ranaut’s frizzy curly hair, heavy-buttoned jackets and the out-of-the-box style has strong resemblance to the iconic singer Micheal Jackson. She plays a bandit woman staying in a village who likes fashion with a twist. “Director Sai Kabir was taken aback when I showed him the designs, which I feel have added to Kangana’s character,” added Miguel. A great amount of research and hard work went in achieving the desired look, he said. Major highlights of the look are military jackets, quirky inner wear and her wacky sunglasses.
Revolver Rani is based on a woman who is very powerful and fights fearlessly against the local goons. Her look and attire plays an integral part in conveying her message effectively to the audience. She might be the first woman in rural India to wear costumes similar to Madonna’s conical bra and MJ style jackets.
She is the only person to have visited Europe and has knowledge about phasion which is conveyed flawlessly and effectively. The masculine touch to her dressing draws attention and also successfully distracts the opponents from their goal. The styling is a unique mix of fashion and experiment.
Miguel gives an overview of the phasionable Ranaut as she will be seen in Revolver Rani.

Sunglasses: These retro glasses were purchased from dealers in various parts of Europe to give an edgy look. Ranaut had to try almost 45 sunglasses that were made of tortoise shells, plastic and acrylic material.


Kurtis:  The knee length  kurtis with  a pathani cut were deceptively styled to give a masculine look. The soft material draped loosely  over pathani pants added a feminine touch to the attire.

Jackets: Some jackets were treated and also weathered to give them a worn out look. Various military insignia were picked up from Europe. Military buttons  and metal belts, extensive use of zardosi, embellishment of gold and gold borders, studded buttons were used. A few jackets were also made out of red suede material. 

Boots: As the character vies to to step into her father’s shoes, she is shown wearing leather boots throughout the film. The boots gave her a masculine look and also helped her to move freely.

Scarves: The scarves were the only piece of attire that gave her a feminine touch. Vibrant colours, military hues and floral designs were used. Soft cotton material made her look delicate.

Holster:It is an integral part of Ranaut’s costume as she struts around with a gun. After extensive research about holsters from different eras, the designer used metal embellishments to provide a macho look.
Conical Bra: It took almost 25 days to design the bra. The designer scouted several lingerie shops in Italy . Stainless steel, aluminum and plastic were used as the basic material. Besides elements like heavy metal spikes were constructed and beads were used to add depth. Plastic beads induced in metallic colour was used instead of metal beads to control the weight of the inner wear.

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