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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The fight club

Though APPSolute Games LLC’s first 3D cross platform multiplayer Fright Fight comes with a catch, this fun and innovative freemium game is a must buy

Mumbai | Updated: February 26, 2014 2:44:23 pm
Fright Fight Fright Fight

For game lovers who always wanted to slug it out on their mobile devices or tablets, the launch of Fright Fight is surely a blessing in disguise.
The game, developed by APPSolute Games LLC, is the first of its kind 3D cross platform multiplayer (which allows players on different gaming platforms to play with each other). Although the multiplayer brawler bears an uncanny resemblance to Nintendo’s popular Super Smash Bros. series, Fright Fight is unique in its own league. With a simplified combat system, the game offers a decent overall experience without the need of a controller. It’s true that you may not be able to pull off extravagant combos, but gamers will certainly enjoy thrashing up the baddies in some really interesting online showdowns.
Fright Fight has an interesting mix of horror and fantasy as its theme. To start off, the player can choose any one from the four available characters, which include Khan-The Werewolf, Carmilla -The Vampire, Grim-The Reaper and Hugo-The Yeti. All these characters possess different skills and traits. While Khan is a good scout, Hugo can turn into a classic tank. The RPG system of the game includes a unique skill tree for each character. Here, the gamers can choose a style and game tactics for the character of their choice. In addition to the character skill trees, it also includes purchasable items like weapons, armour, rings and amulets among others, which can be bought using game coins or real money.
Once you are set, the gamer can start playing against other players online. To fight, you will need basic combinations of swipes and tabs to use your character’s skills and fight it out against the competitor, in a short two-minute match. The main objective is to end the round by draining your competitor’s health with back-to-back attacks or knocking them off the stage. The most exciting part is the fact that the arena does not restrict you to just a one-on-one challenge, as you can fight against three more friends or even strangers from across the world, all during the same match.
Each character in the game comes with a rage meter, which allows you to dash, block, and pull off an ultimate attack. Extra techniques like these are interesting, as it provides you with different ways to surprise your competitor at crucial moments. Keep an eye out for a variety of elements that spring up during a match, as they can help restore your character’s health or give it temporary power ups.
The graphics are decent and the controls work well. But hold on! Freemium games always have a catch hidden somewhere. Although you are guided through a tutorial in the beginning (where you can play as werewolf), the gamer needs to think wisely before locking the final character, since every other additional character after that will cost $3.99 or 24,000 in game coins. Like most games, there are several in-app purchases and boosters which you can buy.
With a simple combat system, decent graphics, fun game play and a freemium model, Fright Fight does make for a good buy. But if you are someone who wants variety or fast progress, then be ready to shell out lots of cash.


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