The Charming Belle

Once a publicist herself, Parineeti Chopra speaks about the reversal of roles, her aspirations, holding her ground on issues close to her heart and the time crunch that makes it difficult for her to find time for her family and friends

Mumbai | Updated: November 14, 2014 1:00:06 am
Parineeti Chopra Parineeti Chopra

By Karan Shah

Q. 1 You exude a very happy and charming persona, but how would you describe Parineeti Chopra?

I am a very positive person, brimming with enthusiasm. But I’m very lazy as well. In fact, I am too lazy. Once I finish my interviews and work for the day, you’ll find me curled up in bed, sound asleep within a couple of minutes. But once I am on the set, I become very energetic and involved in everything.

Q. 2 How was it when you were working as a PR executive for Yash Raj?

I used to work with Priyanka (Khatri Chikhlikar), Mugdha (Chemburkar) and Rafique (Gangjee) who are now my PRs. I was in the same team as they were and during my stint as a PR, I worked for other actors. But, never in my life had I ever imagined that I would be an actress. I never wanted to be one, as I thought that actors did the most inane kind of work. Since this was my first job and I enjoyed working as a PR, I would spend time with the digital, marketing, design team and sometimes would sit with the director to understand how films are made. I was very new to the industry and to Mumbai, having lived in London, but the experience was amazing and I had a great time.

Q. 3 What was your PR mantra?

‘Listen to Priyanka’, that was my PR mantra. I was the best intern at that time, but there was no particular mantra that I followed. I would listen to my bosses who had more experience than me, and tried to learn as much as I could. I was always looked upon as this banker from London, who had no idea about the industry. So, I was like
a curious cat always trying to learn from people.

Q. 4 Publicists have an habit of telling actresses to behave in a particular manner. But we’ve always seen you speaking your mind out aloud. Have you ever been directed by your PR about what to say in public, especially in reference to what happened at the Whisper campaign?

Really? Who is this PR person. I am not aware of any actress’ PR who tells them what to do. As for the Whisper campaign, I didn’t realise that the thing would become so huge. The reporter wouldn’t use the word ‘period’, he was like “aapko problem hota hai na”, which is what bugged me. We are in the 21st century and he is a 24 year old guy who could not say ‘period’? So I spoke out, and it’s important to speak out. But I have never been criticised for what I spoke, I only got positive responses.

Q. 5 How do you take time off for your family and friends from your busy schedule?

It’s very tough. Sometimes, days pass by without speaking to my mom. I even forget when I last called her. So, when I call and tell her that I had called you yesterday, she reminds me that it was a week ago! I don’t even realise the time. I keep getting pings from everyone that you were supposed to meet me or call me. But yes, I do try to make time for my family and friends. But it all depends on our schedules.

Q. 6 Any roles that you would want to do, which your contemporaries have performed?

I would love to play Leela from …Ram Leela and Priyanka’s (Chopra) role in Barfi!

Q. 7 You are also interested in singing.

Yes, I love singing and I want to sing a song for a film as well. I used to show off to everybody that I like singing and one day I will sing. But now, other actors have also started singing for their films. Let’s see when I’ll be able to sing, but I’ll do a good song soon as it is on my To Do list.

Q. 8 What is the one thing that you love doing and look forward to?

I love travelling, so a little time off is what I look forward to. London and New York are my favourite holiday destinations as I am a city person and also love to go to the beaches. I’ve never been to Australia, so that’s also on my list as well. My birthday is also the most special day of the year that
I look forward to. This year was amazing, best actually. I was working for half the day, and after the song launch event (of Kill Dil), I went for lunch, saw a movie and finally went out for dinner with friends. I received some amazing gifts, like an Apple TV, so I was very happy. My team also gave me a surprise, which was like a cherry on the cake. But meeting up with my friends and family is what I look forward to the most.

Q. 9 Who are the friends that you rely on?

Director Maneesh Sharma is my best friend. Then there is Shahzaib Ali (Shahezy) and Namrata Manghnani. Shahezy lives in Karachi and Namita lives in Dubai, they are my University friends. These three are my loves.

Q. 10 One thing you wish to change in yourself?

My metabolism.

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