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Debutant director Vishal Pandya talks about why Hate Story 2 scored over the other releases

Mumbai | Updated: August 1, 2014 1:00:55 am
Vishal Pandya Vishal Pandya

By Priyanka Bhadani

For a film made on a small budget, Hate Story 2 collected Rs. 25.60 crore in the first week. Are you happy?

I am very happy with the response. While making the film, I did not think about how much the film would make. My only concern was that people should love the film. Since the film has done well commercially, I have no reason to complain.

What according to you worked in the film’s favour —the fresh casting of newcomers like Surveen Chawla and Jay Bhanushali or the story?

I don’t think you can point out any one particular aspect for a film to succeed or fail. The entire team is equally responsible for a film’s success or failure. I believe, the entire unit came together to make it work. However, having said that, I would also like to add that promotions of the film were awesome and the songs made it easier for the film to create a buzz even before its release. In fact, the trailer of the film has got around 12 million likes which is a big thing.

But many critics felt that all the songs were not really required in the film, especially Pink Lips featuring Sunny Leone

I am really not aware of who has said or written about it, but one thing that I know is that it is difficult to please everyone. I haven’t made the movie for just a few people, but for the entire country who has appreciated the film. Pink Lips was a part of the script since day one, and I never found it out of sync. It is very much a part of the story. In fact, a lot depends on where you are watching the film. The single screen audience have loved the song, while the multiplex audience is in two minds about its verdict because watching it in a multiplex is a different experience altogether.

You said the promotions worked well for the film. Did negative publicity, like Kapil Sharma turning down the film’s promotion on his show on the pretext of it not being a family film, also help?

I am not really aware about Kapil refusing to promote the film on his show, but the news reports around it helped the film in a way. People went to watch the film out of curiosity and to know the reason why Kapil refused to have us on his show.

But do you think you could have cut down on the skin show, or improved it in any other way possible?

As far as the reports of showing a lot of skin is concerned, compared to what we usually see in other films, there wasn’t any skin show. But as a director, I feel that I could have made a few scenes look better. When I make my next film, I will definitely keep those aspects in mind and work accordingly.


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