Sushant Singh on anchoring crime show ‘Savdhaan India’

Sushant Singh on anchoring crime show ‘Savdhaan India’

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh, synonymous with the crime show, 'Savdhaan India', talks about the role.

Sushant Singh
Sushant Singh: Crime shows help in highlighting the problems.

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh, synonymous with the crime show, ‘Savdhaan India’, talks about the role.

Ques: How would you define the experience of being on the show, Savdhaan India?

Sushant: Very enriching! It has taught me how to be an anchor. As an actor, I was always playing a part, but for this, I had to be Sushant Singh.

Ques: When you say enriching, what has the show taught you?


Sushant: There are so many things that I have learnt about crime happening across the country. Some have been really shocking! Crime related to women and children is so rampant. 40,000 kids go missing every year. I never thought it would be so bad. The worst part is that all these have become a common thing and people have started taking these cases for granted.

Ques: Do the crime shows help in any way?
Sushant: Crime shows help in highlighting the problems. They would not solve the cases, or reduce the number but at least they can make people aware of criminal minds at work.

Ques: But these can also make people paranoid?
Sushant:  There are many who start looking at everything with suspicion. I would say that’s a very welcome development. If a girl’s friends are noting down the number of the taxi in which she is travelling, it’s good. If we are careful about what and how we speak in front of unknown people, it’s a positive change.

Ques:  The number of shows based on crime has been going up — from a similar format on a rival channel, Crime Patrol to shows like Gumrah and Webbed that feature crime among the younger generation. What do you think about them?

Sushant:  Crime Patrol was already on-air when Saavdhan… began. Anup Soni has been a good host. And it has always remained a big contender. They have never wavered from the basic theme of the show. But now, we have managed to overtake them, because of the team’s hard work. All the other shows that run on the news channels are very caricaturish.

Ques:Do you look at Anup Soni as a competitor?
Sushant: No one has ever been a competition for me. I learnt from Anup Soni. I have also learnt from many other hosts on international crime shows. I liked the tone of Karan Kundra on Gumrah too.

Ques: How important is the get-up, when you are a part of a show that needs to make an impact with the audience?
Sushant:  It is more important to connect with the audience. I left the look to the producers. But luckily, I was growing the moustache at the time we began, and it had quite an impact.

Ques: And the moustache became your style statement.
Sushant:   It has stuck with me so much so that even the film offers I was getting required me to sport a moustache. In fact, the impact increased when on the advice of an acquaintance, I twirled it.

Ques: Would you like to host any other format?
Sushant:   Not really. I took up Savdhaan… because I felt connected to the causes it takes up. If I do another show, it would also be related to social causes.

Ques: Are you not interested in the entertainment shows, not even to participate as a contestant?
Sushant:   Not at all. I am happy doing film roles and in Savdhaan… I would not even think of being a contestant.