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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Style talk

The stylish Tamannaah Bhatia, whose picture-perfect appearances at events have always won her brownie points, shares her beauty regime and fashion tips with Screen

Written by Priya Adivarekar | Mumbai |
Updated: August 15, 2014 1:00:58 am
Tamannaah Bhatia Tamannaah Bhatia

Q. 1 Comfort or style, what tops your priority list?

Comfort! There is absolutely no doubt about that. I need to associate with the kind of outfit or costume that I have been asked to wear. I am extremely uncomfortable in a tight garment as it becomes difficult to move around in it. If it’s comfortable, the outfit will always have my approval.

Q. 2 Do you add creative inputs when your stylist is putting together an outfit for you?

Yeah, I think that is essential. For example, if a stylist asks me to wear a net gown, but I end up feeling itchy in it throughout the evening, then wearing such an outfit is completely useless. So, in such circumstances, it is necessary for the individual to discuss the outfit in advance. It is better to decide beforehand on the outfit that one is going to wear, try it out and enjoy what you are wearing.

Q. 3 Do you like accessorising your look?

Not too much, but I am fond of dainty jewellery pieces, which are not too loud or in your face. I mostly prefer earrings, simple bracelets or a classic watch.

Q. 4 Who is your fashion icon?

I really like the way Deepika Padukone dresses up. Apart from the obvious fact that she is absolutely stunning, she has made some really interesting appearances and her choice of outfits have always stood out.

Q. 5 What do you think is the biggest fashion faux pas that people make?

Over a period of time, you start understanding the kind of clothes you are comfortable in. Beyond a point, if you are wearing something really stunning, but you are not comfortable in it, it’s going to show. You will start hating the outfit and it won’t look cool, no matter how trendy or beautiful the apparel is. You need to buy the right clothes and feel comfortable in them. You may have the best of brands, but they are of no use if you are not comfortable in them.

Q. 6 Your flawless skin has always been a topic of conversation. Any particular beauty routine that you follow?

For female actors, cleansing becomes a very important part of everyday routine, as we apply a lot of make-up. The pores of your skin tend to get clogged with all the dust, sweat and grime. So it is extremely important to remove the make-up and cleanse your skin. One must also remember to pick the products and choose a good moisturiser according to individual skin type. A toner can be added in case it suits their skin.

Q. 7 Any natural beauty tip that you have always followed?

Keeping in mind the nature of our country’s climate, which is very hot and humid, I always keep on drinking a lot of water. It is important to keep sipping on liquids, especially to get rid of all the toxins of your body and feel lighter. Personally, I also think what your skin and face looks like has a lot to do with your internal health. A healthy lifestyle and good night’s sleep is extremely crucial. What you put inside is also more important than what you apply externally. So, a good diet really matters. If the basics are in place, your face and body will automatically look good.

Q. 8 What are the make-up essentials that one will always find in your bag?

I always carry a lip balm and moisturiser with me. On a normal day, I prefer a sheer base, which looks simple. A dab of lip balm after that and I am ready to go.

Q. 9 Any particular beauty regime that was passed on in your family?

I picked up this one regime for de-tanning. If any individual has got a major tan, they can take some gram flour, which is commonly known as besan and mix it with curd. This paste can be applied to parts which have got tanned and one can instantly notice that slowly, your complexion will return to normal. It is slower than any chemical process, but it will naturally heal the tan and make your complexion even. It’s very soothing for the skin and works as a great cleanser as well.

Q. 10 While spending time with make-up artists on the sets, is there any advice that you have picked up from them?

I realised that a dash of mascara can actually do a lot for your overall look. Even if you don’t to apply kajal or get any eye make-up done, mascara does a great job of making your eye area look fresh. It works up your face like a miracle and gives the ‘fresh as a daisy’ look.


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