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Saturday, December 07, 2019

Rohit Shetty adds humour to Khatron Ke Khiladi

The fifth edition of the reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi (KKK) has already taken off in Cape Town, South Africa

Mumbai | Updated: February 27, 2014 10:51:50 am
Rohit Shetty Rohit Shetty

The fifth edition of the reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi (KKK) has already taken off in Cape Town, South Africa. Rohit Shetty, who will host the show kick-started the shoot for KKK along with the contestants a few days ago. What will make the show stand apart from its earlier seasons is that Shetty, in keeping with his style of film-making that includes humour combined with high-octane stunts, aims to provide a bit of reprieve with his brand of humour in this otherwise adrenaline-filled show. He aims to dispel the nervousness of the contestants before they take the plunge and perform dare-devil stunts. Shetty says, “While I’m excited about action, I can’t keep myself away from adding a touch of humour. Even as the script was narrated to me, I improvised on it. While the contestants have to always be vigilant, these happy moments, shall make the KKK experience memorable for all of us.” The show is expected to go on air by March or April.


Tinu Verma to enter Mahabharat as Jarasandha

While Joy Mathur will play Shishupal

Stunt master-cum-actor Tinu Verma is set to enter Siddharth Kumar Tiwary’s Mahabharat. He has been cast for the role of Jarasandha. According to mythology, king of Magadha, Brihadratha was unable to sire children. Frustrated, he retreats into a forest and serves sage Chandakaushika. Pleased with his devotion, the sage gives him a fruit which if eaten by his wife will bless him with a child. The king cuts the fruit into two and gives each portion to his two wives. The wives become pregnant and give birth to two halves of a human body. Disgusted with the sight, the bodies are thrown in the forest. A demoness called Jara finds the bodies and holds it in her palms and miraculously, they take shape of a human body. So, despite Bheem slaying Jarasandha twice, he remains unaffected as he has the ability to conjoin himself. Lord Krishna advises Bheem to tear Jarasandha’s body and throw both the parts in opposite directions.
Meanwhile, actor Joy Mathur shall be seen as Shishupal, who is a distant cousin of Lord Krishna. Krishna had promised Shishupal’s mother to forgive 100 mistakes of her son, but when Shishupal commits 101st mistake, Krishna slays him.

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