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Purani Jeans / Return of the memories

The Purani Jeans album gives you a chance to relive the memories of your first day in college, friendships among others

Purani Jeans
Purani Jeans

Music: Ram Sampath

Label: Eros music

The Purani Jeans album gives you a chance to relive the memories of your first day in college, friendships among others. The seven-track album is composed by Ram Sampath, with lyrics penned by Ashish Pandit, Prashant Ingole, Kunwar Juneja and Munna Dhiman and includes additional versions of two songs. The album opens with the well-composed and peppy Yaari Yaari, in the voice of Sampath. This full of zest, well-paced song is easy on the ears and is the perfect ode to friendship. Sampath has used a good mix of instruments like the drums and trumpets, to give it a good touch of retro. Sampath’s voice does perfect justice to this number, which is definitely the highlight of this album.
KK adds his own wonderful contemporary charm in Dil aaj kal, a calm and soothing romantic number which is very well-penned by Ingole. The composition is melodious and we love how KK has sung this number. While the original stands out because of its unique melody, the unplugged version by Sona Mohapatra is strictly okay. It could have packed a punch, but when compared to the former, you might want to hit the skip button.
Mika Singh’s upbeat, dance number Out Of Control Mundey follows next. What sounds like a track created for a college festival set up, this song is extremely quirky and Singh is definitely the best choice for it. Suzanne D’Mello and Deane Sequeira join him behind the mic and perform their parts well. The composition is average and is best-suited for a one-time hear.
Sampath’s Yeh Beetey Din comes in two versions; acoustic and and rock. Both the versions are well-performed and composed, with their fair shares of highs and lows. While acoustic version is easy on the ears, it tends to get a little boring, but the rock version fares well. The lyrics match the theme of the film and makes for a great friendship number, produced on the lines of KK’s Pal and Yaaro Dosti. Lastly, there is Jind Meriye in the voice of Navraj Hans, who has sung this brilliantly. Unfortunately, the composition fails to do justice to his performance and makes this one a below average affair.
Overall, we think Sampath has done a pretty good job in Purani Jeans, but it just misses the mark of being a really good package. But, the album does have its moments with songs like Yaari Yaari and Yeh Beetey Din doing wonders and we think the album will definitely be liked by those who would like to take a walk down the memory lane and relive their college days.