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‘Playing Betal is difficult’

Actor Abhaas Mehta would be reprising the fictional character in the fantasy-mythology Singhasan Battisi

Abhaas Mehta as Betal in Vikram-Betal
Abhaas Mehta as Betal in Vikram-Betal

By Priyanka Bhadani

Almost two months ago, Screen wrote about the introduction of a Vikram-Betal track in the fantasy-mythology series, Vikram Betal. While the role of Betal went to Rajesh Khera initially, he pulled out of the show citing health reasons. Now, actor Abhaas Mehta has been roped in to play the part.
Mehta, who has already shot a few episodes, states that working on a character who is hanging upside down half the time, hasn’t been easy at all. “Plus, I am working with a harness for the first time,” says the actor, who also confesses to be learning a lot of new things about the character he grew up watching and reading about. “I always presumed that Betal is a negative character but I am learning a lot about him while I shoot for the show.”
Mehta, who is quite fascinated with the character and happy to have bagged the role, says that it is physically as well as mentally taxing to get into the character. “It takes me three hours to wear the make-up and another one hour to take it off after we pack-up,” says Mehta, who also finds it difficult to work with a harness tied around him most of the time. “And since the show also requires a lot of VFX, I am not allowed certain movements as it may affect the shot overall,” he says.
But all these difficulties are worth it for the young actor, who thinks it’s a challenge for him as an actor to portray the character up to the mark.