Launch Pad/ Ready to rock

Launch Pad/ Ready to rock

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Ex-Miss India Earth, Hasleen Kaur talks about playing a prankster in her debut film Karle Pyaar Karle, and how she landed the film without an audition


Launch vehicle

In Karle Pyaar Karle, I play an independent and head strong girl named Preet. who walks around with a,’you can’t mess with me’ attitude. She is both a prankster and a daredevil. However, as the story unfolds, you get to see the soft, simple and vulnerable side of her.

Casting coup

One evening, I got a call from director Rajesh (Pandey) sir, who asked me to visit Suneel (Darshan) sir’s office the next day. I had a brief conversation with him, and within minutes, he asked me— ‘when can we sign the papers?’ I was taken aback, when I was told that I am on board as the leading lady, without even giving an audition. He told me that he had judged my talent during the course of our conversation. I am grateful to Suneel sir and admire his knack of spotting talent. Besides, I did not have to go through rigorous auditions, and within a week, we were in Lavasa shooting for the film.

Stepping stone

I completed my English Honors from Jesus and Mary college in Delhi. All through school and college, I have always loved performing on stage and the liberating experience it brings with it. I used to be plump, so modelling never crossed my mind. But once at the age of 17, I gave my name for a defense officers beauty pageant, which compelled me to loose my baby fat. I won it and a photographer made my portfolio for free. This helped me, and that’s how I started getting modelling assignments. Meanwhile, I completed my mass communication degree from IIMC Delhi, after which I participated in Miss India, which was a major turning point in my life, as I won the Miss India Earth title. After that, I have never looked back.

First shot


I was extremely nervous on the first day. I kept getting the feeling that I have forgotten my lines, even after having gone through several rehearsals. But, I was quickly put at ease by Rajesh sir who asked me to just be myself and not follow any directions. He told me to do the scene the way I deemed fit and he approved it instantly. That instilled confidence and made me feel, that I was on the right path.

Stumbling blocks

As we went ahead with the shooting schedule, Rajesh sir demanded more from me. He wanted me to keep analysing myself as an actor and to think how I can do a scene in a different manner. He also told me to inculcate my co-star Shiv’s (Darshan) habit, who is a method actor. At one point, I felt so stressed that I almost had a breakdown. Rajesh sir is a hard task master, but now I realise, he only pushed me because he believed that I could achieve more.

The takeaway

When I started off, I was a novice and didn’t know much about acting. But now, I can proudly call myself an actor. Rajesh sir and my co-actors supported me, and my producer gave me space to innovate and extend my acting skills. Compared to the time when I first met Suneel sir, I am a more confident person today as the experience of working on this film has helped me loose all inhibitions.

Role model

I look up to my parents. My mom is a multi-tasker, as she has balanced both work and family life successfully. My sense of discipline and sincerity comes from my father.

Future projects

Right now, all my energies are focussed on Karle Pyaar Karle. People have evinced an interest in me, but I want them to see my entire performance in the film, before I can sign on the dotted lines.