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Richa Chadda: Not sure how exploitation of women can be stopped

Richa Chadda feels that the modern Indian woman should have superpowers to tackle various roles she plays.

richachadda-759 Richa Chadda: Razia Sultan is the perfect example of a woman leader

Q. 1 What are your views about the modern Indian woman who has to juggle a career and home?

She is a superwoman. Besides juggling a career and the home front, she is also expected to look nice and be perfect!

Q. 2 Has the society’s attitude towards women changed? Because despite all the progress that we talk of today, in rural India, a woman is supposed to toe- the- line and stay indoors?

In India, women are not expected to go out and earn or be the bread winners. But in the west, they have to look good, take care of the house and children, besides juggling a high-profile career. So it is equally hard for them. The issues may differ though .

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Q. 3 How can exploitation and atrocities against women be stopped?

I am not sure about how exploitation of women can be stopped. It is really sad that in a country like ours where we have goddesses like Durga, Saraswati and Kali whom we idiolise on one hand, and on the other, the society ill-treats its womenfolk. There are innumerable cases of dowry deaths, wife beating, molestations that we get to hear about, and unless women speak for themselves and take a stand, the situation is unlikely to change.

Q. 4 Have you met any woman who has left an indelible mark on you?


I worked with Mira Nair on a short film. That changed my life. It is difficult to be regarded as a boss without being thought of as Hitler. But by just observing her, I learnt how to be polite and firm. She’s so loving and smart and inspires you with her passion for work. Of course, at times, her intelligence can be intimidating, yet everyone feels at home and at ease when she is around. Mira never once raised her voice on the sets. I think, there is a lot to learn from her. She is very meticulous with her planning and the shooting of the short film, went off smoothly. She’s a genius.

Q. 5 A woman leader you admire the most?

Razia Sultan is the perfect example of a woman leader—courageous, honest and generous. The current lot of leaders can be deceptive. But, whether it is a man or woman, power, I believe always corrupts.

Q. 6 As compared to western women, how would you score Indian women?

Score? Is this a game?

Q. 7 Do you think women are superior to men?


It is not fair to say that women are superior to men and vice- versa as both the genders have their strong and weak points. However, women have more resilience and are strong from within, because they are mothers, who have the power to give birth to a life. Besides, they also deal with hormones, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, etc. But, I feel except for these dissimilarities, our souls are similar.

Q. 8 Do you think the world would be a lot easier to live in, if there were only women?

Now, that’s impossible! Also it would be a very boring world to live in. There could very well be a world war even if only women inhabited the planet.

Q. 9 Do you feel that equal opportunities are provided to women or maybe, that they have to work doubly hard to prove themselves?

Well, the opportunities are not the same for sure. The common view especially in Indian society is that men are burdened with being the bread winners and women were supposed to be ‘ideal home-makers, ideal mothers, ideal beauties, etc’. And in today’s changing scenario, they are also supposed to be ideal working women as well. Women are expected to be superwomen, and to ‘have it all’.


Q. 10 If you were to change one thing about a man or a woman, what would that be?

I wish people had no ego, whether they are men or women.

First published on: 17-10-2014 at 01:00:45 am
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