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His master’s voice

After playing the evil Kaal in Krrish 3, Vivek Oberoi gives the voice-over for the main antagonist, Electro, in the Hindi version of the upcoming Hollywood film, The Amazing Spider-man 2

Vivek Oberoi with Spiderman
Vivek Oberoi with Spiderman

No one can forget Kaal of Krrish 3, who weaves his evil web by merely moving his head and two fingers, sitting in a wheelchair. Vivek Oberoi who played the demonic character to perfection is now the Hindi voice of the antagonist Max Dillon aka Electro played by Jamie Foxx, in Hollywood’s upcoming flick, The Amazing Spider-man 2.
“Not many people know that before becoming an actor, I used to work for this phenomenal voice artiste, Leela Ghosh, who is no more. Her daughter, Mona Ghosh is also a great voice artiste and now a dubbing director. She called me to ask if I would dub for The Amazing Spider-man 2. It was a blast from the past as this is what I used to do in the past. Since I always wanted to become an actor, I would associate with the performing arts or films. I have dubbed for several films and television shows, including The Young And The Restless, Santa Barbara, The Bold And The Beautiful, Small Wonder, all the Walt Disney cartoon shows, and for films like Independence Day etc. Dubbing for The Amazing Spider-man 2 was my tribute to Leelaji,” informs the actor.
What attracted Vivek Oberoi to lend his voice for Electro, was the dual character of the antagonist. The character, in his first phase is simple, sweet, an introvert and a vulnerable electrical genius who gets pushed over the edge when a traumatic incident occurs in his life. Later, he attains super powers, but at the same time suffers a heartbreak, which leads him to seek vengeance. “That whole shift and the mad conversion from a gentle soul to a completely angry, twisted and all powerful Electro was a great and unique challenge as the transition was amazing and difficult to catch. The minute I got a call, I said that it sounds exciting, and when I saw the film I was even more charged. The film was so entertaining and powerful and the pace of the screenplay and special effects, the humour, love story were all incredible. For the first time there is a real and beautiful story in Spider-man,”states the actor.
Interestingly, it was Oberoi’s fabulous portrayal of Kaal that prodded the makers to sign the actor for the voice-over. “Apparently, they saw Krrish 3 and they liked what I did. Even I consider Kaal as one of the most challenging roles that I have played so far. It was difficult to sit in that wheel chair and show that I was the master of my domain by just moving my head and two fingers. Wherever I go, people still come up to me and insist that I say the famous dialogue, Kaal ki kainath…
The actor concedes that the voice training that he did helped, as it taught him to express emotions through his voice, and also adds to the dialogue delivery. But watching the film and hearing the dialogues in English and then reading and talking in Hindi was tough. “The difficult part is matching the lip movement with the English words that Jamie Foxx has rendered so beautifully. For instance, if he says ‘bad’, I have to say something in Hindi that matches it. Acing the lip movement and constructing the English sentence in Hindi became a nightmare at times. When you are acting you are involved in the entire environment, dressed in that costume and make-up, the camera is one space and you are given an action and reaction. But when dubbing you are in a dark room with headphones and the big screen is in front of you and you are trying to recreate that emotion. Feeling the emotion is probably the most difficult part when you are dubbing. But, Mona is very particular and she made me do about two to three reels all over again because she said she knew I could do it better. I love people who push you into excellence,” says the actor with a smile, adding that he finished the dubbing in two days as he kept dubbing for 8-10 hours non stop.
Regarding his acting assignments, Oberoi reveals that he has taken some time off, and is thoroughly enjoying himself, spending time with his one year-old son. He will, however soon make some interesting announcements.