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Saturday, June 06, 2020

Heartless / To the rescue

The only reason to watch this one was to see what Shekhar Suman would do in his directorial debut.

Mumbai | Published: February 14, 2014 1:00:25 am
A still from Heartless A still from Heartless

Director: Shekhar Suman Cast : Adhyayan Suman, Ariana Ayam, Deepti Naval, Shekhar Suman, Om Puri The only reason to watch this one was to see what Shekhar Suman would do in his directorial debut. The performer who was a one-man comedy central on his hugely popular TV shows, who popularised stand up before it became such a hot proposition, and who spent some time with the beauteous Rekha in a hot tub (remember the young suitor in Utsav?), has come up with a film to rescue his son, Adhyayan, from oblivion. Paternally speaking, the reason is fine; the film is very far from. It is ostensibly made to alert viewers to an anesthesia glitch which propels patients into a state of awareness where they can feel pain and can hear everything, but are unable to say it. To get Addy (Adhyayan) to that stage, where he is lying helpless upon a table, we have to go through a first half where we are introduced to his very wealthy mother (Naval, the only good thing in the film), his girlfriend (Ayam) whose lashes are so spiked with mascara that you are afraid they will fall off, and a doctor friend (Suman, trying desperately to look young), who will conduct the heart transplant operation needed to save Addy’s life. The second half is a hoot. I’m sure it was not intended to be. If a real-life surgeon actually sees what happens in this make-believe operation theatre, I’m convinced he’d laugh his head off. “He’s fibbing, he’s fibbing,” exclaims Dr Trehan (Puri, who seems to have wandered into the film wondering what he’s doing there), and you see a bunch of masked fellows rushing to resuscitate our hero, who is roaming around in his hospital gown gasping for breath. There’s a plot, and it needs unravelling. They should have just let it be.

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