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Thursday, July 19, 2018

‘Hawaa Hawaai is not just a children’s film’

The makers have planned a wide release and host of exclusive campaigns for the film

Mumbai | Updated: April 3, 2014 4:39:21 pm
Amole Gupte, Partho Gupte and Saqib Saleem Amole Gupte, Partho Gupte and Saqib Saleem

Director Amole Gupte launched the trailer of his next venture, Hawaa Hawaai, while adding that it is not entirely a children’s film. “I have always been associated with the genre of children’s film, but let me tell you that Hawaa Hawaai is much more than that. It is both a family and sports film. The dominant theme here is dreams and aspirations, the will to rise up and fight,” stated Gupte, who penned the script of this film almost seven years back.
The film, which took more than a year in the making, will see lead protagonist Partho Gupte playing a Maharashtrian character named Ashok Harishchandra Waghmare, who aspired to become a skating champion. “In Stanley Ka Dabba, I was just playing myself, a regular kid. But here, my character Ashok Waghmare, follows his goals despite all odds. I had to work on myself quite a bit, and was sent to a village in Akola for two weeks. I tried to understand the dialect of the locals and see how the kids around live, since the origins of my character is based there. Some of these people have very little to survive on, but yet they are happy. I think understanding that helped me a lot,” mentioned Partho. Actor Saqib Saleem will be seen playing Partho’s mentor.
Gupte further added that the film was shot only during the summer holidays and Saturdays to make sure that the cast, which comprises mostly of kids, do not miss out on school. Extensive workshops to help these kids understand basic nuances were also conducted around the same time. Interestingly, Gupte has also cast two kids from his organisation, Aseema School, who will be seen playing pivotal roles along with Partho in what they call the ‘Band of boys’ in the film. Gupte has also roped in national level skating champions Dhiraj and Ajay, who will be seen in the film. “These two are real heroes and my son, Partho, has actually trained under them since he was seven. So, when you have such talent, it makes sense to feature them as well,” said Gupte, adding that he will not be seen playing any role in the film.
While talking about the release strategy of the film exclusively with Screen, Vijay Singh, CEO – Fox Star Studios India mentioned that their approach will be exactly like other films produced by their banner. “In no way are we looking at Hawaa Hawaai as a small film. The target audience here is the entire family, and May being the peak of summer holidays, the film will get a wide release across the country, with additional shows in metropolitan cities as well,” stated Singh. He also added that an exclusive promotional campaign has been designed for the film called Dreamer’s Campaign. Here, 20 most popular and inspirational sports persons from the country will talk about their struggle and life in short videos, which will be promoted across all social media platforms. “There are other activities in the pipeline, that will be discussed shortly,” added Singh. Produced by Fox Star Studios India and Amole Gupte Cinema, Hawaa Hawaai is scheduled to hit the screens on May 9.


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