Harman Baweja, Sunny Deol: Bollywood’s stylish taporis

Most films with the underbelly of Mumbai and gangster war as their theme will have actors donning the typical safari suit or short sleeve shirts with a tikka to show their bhaigiri

Written by Priya Adivarekar | Mumbai | Updated: March 29, 2014 5:12:04 pm
Taporis of Bollywood Taporis of Bollywood

Most films with the underbelly of Mumbai and gangster war as their theme will have actors donning the typical safari suit or short sleeve shirts with a tikka to show their bhaigiri. But when director Sanamjit Talwar imagined the central characters of his upcoming film, Dishkiyaoon, he knew that he wanted to use different elements in their outfits and look to give a unique identity to each one of them. Stylist and actress Ayesha Khanna tells us what went into the making of these stylish taporis.

Local elements

“I wanted these boys to look tough yet stylish and charming. Badly dressed gangsters living in the bylanes of Mumbai have been seen in several films. There was no point in presenting that image again, ” mentioned Talwar, who said that he did not take inspiration from any popular gangster character, but instead, looking at regular taporis on the road for outfit references. Since the gangsters are based in Mumbai, Khanna sourced most of the accessories and fabrics for the outfits from different pockets of the city. Khanna, along with her team, visited small shops on the streets of Bandra, Lokhandwala among others to pick up little trinkets, chains, belts and hats. “Since the film was shot in Mumbai, most of the fabrics were picked up from little shops in suburban Mumbai like Thakur, Tarumalai and Saroj. Some clothes were also sourced from tiny roadside shops and cloth markets in Crawford Market and Parel,” stated Khanna.

Mix of colours

Instead of opting for a single colour palette for the film, the outfits have been designed in both bright and dark hues, keeping the personality of a particular character in mind. There is dominant use of earthy colours as well.

It was producer Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Talwar’s idea to ask Baweja to grow a handlebar moustache. They wanted him to opt for a tougher look. Although he was reluctant, Baweja grew the moustache and was actually happy with the results.

Harman Baweja will be seen sporting spiked hair with a stubble in the film.
Director Sanamjit Talwar stated that he wanted Baweja to go for an image makeover in this film

Rocky S, who has designed Baweja’s look, gave his character Viki Kartoos a lot of casual T-shirts, denim shirts and jackets in the film. Talwar wanted Baweja to dress up like any middle class 28 – 30 year old boy.


Casual vibe

According to Khanna, her character in the film dresses up a lot like she does in real life. Although her look was styled by Rocky S, Khanna added a lot of extra elements from her personal wardrobe. “My character wears a lot of casual beach dresses, shorts and simple shirts. None of it is fancy and were picked up from local shops in the city,” mentioned Khanna. In most portions of the film, she will be seen in a de-glam avatar, except her opening shot in the film, where she is seen playing the guitar in front of a live audience.



Turning Haryanvi

Since Sunny Deol’s character is that of a Haryanvi, the actor is seen sporting thick eyebrows, that meet in the centre. Talwar’s reference for Deol’s look were his friends from Haryana. The actor got his personal stylist, Gagan, on board to get his outfits in place. He will be seen wearing simple checkered shirts and trousers in the film. Since his right hand is paralyzed, Deol’s character Lakhva, prefers wearing a lot of full sleeved shirts.

A quirky look

According to Ayesha Khanna, Prashant Narayan’s character, Mota Tony, is the most interesting looking gangster in the film. All his shirts and T-shirts were made from scratch, since the stylist was asked to add quirky elements like patchwork pockets, collar of a different colour or fabric, fancy prints on the back among others. Narayan will be seen sporting a bold, metallic cross pendant, which was designed from scratch by Khanna. Leather fedoras, aviators, chunky bracelets, neckpieces among others are an integral part of Mota Tony’s look. He will also be seen sporting tattoos in the film.

Going rowdy

Anand Tiwari will be seen in a rather different look in the film, since he has always played sober roles in the past. Essaying the role of an eccentric gangster, Tiwari’s outfits are a mix of coloursful clothing, chunky accessories and a lot of added elements like the gun belt, heavy belts among others. To match up to the height of other characters and look intimidating, Special custom made shoes were created for the actor, with extra heels. He will be seen sporting a lot of graphic T-shirts and half sleeved jackets. Stud bracelets and colourful denims are also a part of his outfits.


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