Fun at my expense

After hosting No Boundaries during IPL 2012, Sid Malllya is back again with a new hilarious web show titled Sid Sessions

Mumbai | Updated: November 14, 2014 1:00:44 am
Sid Mallya Sid Mallya

By Karan Shah

It’s not an easy task to take criticism, barbed, vitriolic comments directed at oneself on the social media platform, turn them around and poke fun at oneself. It becomes all the more difficult when you are the son of business tycoon Vijay Mallya. But the young scion, Sid Mallya has done just that. He has selected the choicest of comments that he regularly receives on his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages and replied to them, often times making fun of himself too. The result is an eye-opening, entertaining show, Sid Sessions that was launched on October 29 on YouTube. Not surprising then that the very first episode had 1,40,000 views. The show, which is being made by Mallya’s own production company 7STORM Media, will feature six episodes in the first season.
Mallya explains, “The show is about reminding people not to take themselves or life too seriously. I had initially just made the video for a small group of my friends who kept asking me how I felt with all the abuse that was being directed towards me on Twitter. But, it was only after shooting and editing that we realised how much potential it had. So, we decided to create it as a series of sessions and here it is.”
Mallya has definitely touched the funny bone of his viewers, and the exercise has earned him a lot of appreciation too. Everyone loves a show with a good sense of humour and Mallya has, with great bravura, replied to ridiculous and mean comments that are sent to him on social media platforms. For a person known to speak his mind, Mallya wears his ‘humour’ on his sleeves, replying to the nasty comments with a smiling demeanour.
The format and USP of the show, says Mallya is, “All about self deprecation as opposed to self promotion, which is its USP. It is a simple, four-minute blog style video. I don’t know about the future of social media, but I feel that digital platforms are a growing medium where one can browse for content. I have been in Los Angeles for quite a while now and at last I have been able to do something I am passionate about in an environment that supports and encourages creativity.”
While, the first episode became an instant hit with the netizens, evoking laughter and mirth, albeit made at his expense. And although, Mallya cleverly replied to all the comments, he did not miss an opportunity to take a dig at a leading daily that recently created controversy over his ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone’s cleavage.
With Sid Sessions joining the line-up of shows like Superwoman, All India Bakchod, The Viral Fever and Minimal Bollywood Posters, Sid Sessions stands out for its fresh content and concept. Besides who can resist fun, especially if it is at another’s expense.

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