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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Fighting it out

An arm wrestling sequence between Sunny Deol and Harman Baweja kept everyone entertained on the sets of Dishkiyaoon

Mumbai | Updated: February 26, 2014 12:22:48 pm
Sunny Deol flexes his muscles in  a duel with Harman Baweja Sunny Deol flexes his muscles in a duel with Harman Baweja

The cast and crew of Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s debut production venture, Dishkiyaoon, sure had a gala time during the making of the film; especially when Sunny Deol was present on the sets. A pivotal scene in the film required the lead actor Harman Baweja to arm wrestle with Deol and make it look like the two are engaged in a duel, to prove their superiority in the gangster world. The scene was shot in a Mumbai studio and with Deol around, the entire cast and crew was excited to see how the scene pans out.
“Everyone knows how strong Sunny bhai is, and while shooting for an arm wrestling sequence, Harman became extremely nervous. He was a little scared to face Sunny bhai and kept asking if he had understood the scene correctly,” stated director Sanamjit Talwar. Baweja, who was a little sceptical about the scene, felt there was no way he could perfect the shot. He quipped, “While filming this particular portion, Sanam kept telling us ‘Yaar, yeh arm wrestling real nahi lag rahi hain. Thoda aur emotion daalo. Real mein karo isko.’ I didn’t say a word during the scene, but after that, I quietly walked up to him and asked, ‘Sanam, are you mad? How can I even try to arm wrestle with him for real? Bhai, woh shot nahi rahega, balki mera haath sach mein kataak ho jayega. Let’s keep it to acting only.” Fortunately, Deol made Baweja feel comfortable and the scene was shot exactly the way Talwar wanted it to be. “Once their comfort level was set, they wrestled it out for real and everybody on the sets began clapping,” adds Talwar. He also mentioned that after the shot was okayed, everyone on the set wanted to arm wrestle with Deol, who sportingly took up the challenge. Although several cast and crew members felt they could beat the actor, everyone failed and Deol ultimately won the challenge. “Bhai ke dhai kilo ke haath ke saamne everyone looked pale,” says Baweja.


Dancing hands

Shooting Sunny Leone on a bed of hands in Ragini MMS 2 was a tricky shot

Sunny Leone lying on a bed of hands which touched and felt her in the song Baby doll, in Ragini MMS 2 was the trickiest shot to execute for choreographers Gaiti and Uma.
The song was picturised with 12 female dancers who had to squat inside a box, not being able to see anything and not knowing where their hands were going. “It was shot from a top angle and these girls were kept in an elevated box. There were holes in the box from where they could stick their hands out, but it was covered and they could only hear us and not see anything. The shot was barely a few seconds long, but it took us four hours to get it right,” informs Gaiti.
Ragini MMS, produced by Balaji Motion Pictures and directed by Bhushan Patel releases on March 21.

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