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Fair And Lovely: ‘Soha Ali Khan’

'Soha Ali Khan' reveals the secret to being a perfect blushing bride.

soha ali khan
A cream ‘n’ peaches complexion and lustrous hair– the newly wedded SOHA ALI KHAN reveals the secret to being a perfect blushing bride

A cream ‘n’ peaches complexion and lustrous hair– the newly wedded SOHA ALI KHAN reveals the secret to being a perfect blushing bride

Q.1 What’s your home remedy for hair- care?

Whenever my scalp feels a little irritated, I take a mixture of yogurt and lemon and rub on it. In fact I do this from time to time. But what I feel is that one needs a head message regularly for a good circulation, and I do that with whichever oil is lying at home. It’s the act of circulating and rubbing the scalp that makes for healthier hair growth and helps to take care of any kind of scalp issue that one may have.

Q.2 What’s a beauty product that you always like to carry in your bag?

I am not really a person to wear a lot of things on my face when I go out. In fact I don’t even like to carry a bag. So what I always have on me is just moisturiser and probably a lip balm.


Q.3 What according to you is the most crucial thing for hair- care?

A good serum for sure! Because we put our hair through so much -styling, drying and colouring which makes it dry and brittle and then it breaks, which for me is really distressing. So if you keep your hair conditioned after a wash and then use a serum to detangle, it can prevent hair breakage.

Q.4 What’s that one tip which makes for a glowing skin that you would like to share?

Do a head stand before you use make-up! Yes, a head stand really helps reduce any swelling under the eyes, improves blood circulation and wakes up your face. And there’s no need to wear blush on after that! I do a head stand for two minutes against the wall but if you can’t do it, you could get someone to hold your feet. The idea is to make yourself upside down for two minutes.

Q.5 Is there any food you would call power food?

After spinach and kale, coconut has a whole lot of good nutrients. In fact I would also recommend argon fruit to everyone. It is amazing and so is argon oil which I have been using for a long time.

Q.6 A beauty routine which you would like to recommend for skin care?

Skin beauty is a lot from within and has a lot to do with your diet and things like sleeping eight hours in a day. In fact drinking lots and lots of water helps to ward off wrinkles. Water is so easily available but something we don’t take enough of.

Q.7 An accessory you cannot do without?

I am not huge on accessories, but yes my engagement ring is very valuable to me!

Q.8 Which is one home remedy that you follow on a regular basis?

One big glass of hot water with lemon in the morning is a daily routine.

Q.9 Any weakness when it comes to food, which youwish you did not have?

I have a sweet tooth and a genuine weakness for chocolates, so at the endof every meal I need to have something sweet.

Q.10 What’s the fitnessregime you like to follow? I really enjoy doing yoga and playing badminton.


In fact I can play the game much longer than I can work out in the gym because I get bored there.