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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Devil’s own world

Based on the Salman Khan starrer, Kick The Game on android is action packed, but fails to entertain

Written by Priya Adivarekar | Mumbai | Updated: August 1, 2014 1:00:07 am
Kick, The Game Kick, The Game

Stepping into Salman Khan’s shoes and running across the city to perform Robinhood inspired deeds is surely an exciting idea for most fans and gaming enthusiasts. Developers Indiagames Ltd launched an action game Kick The Game, that is based on the recently released, Kick starring Khan in the lead (who is also the protagonist in the game). The gameplay includes elements of heroism and stealth.
Here, the gamer takes on the role of Devil (Khan’s character name in the film) and kicks off a journey within the local town. The main task here is to steal enough money from the rich and corrupted people living in five different locations and then get on to your bike to race ahead of the cops and avoid letting them catch you red-handed. Later, safely deposit the money in the bank for philanthropic causes and help the poor live a better life. The game is played in two phases, which allows the gamer to handle the tasks of robbing and escaping consecutively. So, in order to accomplish the mission, the gamer must complete both the phases successfully. On the way, the gamer as Devil also has to overcome multiple hurdles, which include security alarms, lasers, manholes, street cones among others.
Sounds exciting? Yes, the idea of the gameplay is definitely good, but sadly, it doesn’t function smoothly. There are a few glitches that the gamer might experience while riding the bike, which we are hoping the developers will take care of very soon. Also, one can finish the game in less than an hour, thanks to the availability of just three stages, which is less. Once done, you will have nothing to look forward to, which is Kick The Game’s biggest disadvantage. The graphics are decent and the music is average. Although the game is free, it includes in-app purchases, which are just about okay. Overall, we recommend you try the game for it’s decent gameplay, but don’t expect ‘too much fun’ out of it.


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