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Model Gabriela Bertante talks about her debut Hindi film, Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya, and her experience working in India

Mumbai | Updated: October 24, 2014 1:00:43 am

Gabriela Bertante Gabriela Bertante

By Karan Shah

Launch vehicle

When I came to India, I started as a VJ for MTV. But my first significant role was in a TV commercial for Axe deodorant in which I was one of the main leads.

Casting coup

My agency helped me to get the film, Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya. They got in touch with one of the casting director and sent him my photographs. I was called for an audition and was then cast as the female lead of the film.

Stepping stone

I come from a small town in Brazil where I used to play football. My parents always believed that I could become a good model, so they enrolled me for grooming classes. I had a successful career in modelling after I shifted to Sao Paulo. I wanted to travel the world, so I decided to move. I had a choice between modelling in Italy or in India. I chose India and was so thrilled at meeting different people and working here, that I fell in love with this country. I have been here for four years now and am enjoying every bit of it.

First Shot

My first shot in the film was very simple. I was getting out of a cab and shifting into a new locality. Both Mika Singh and Shaan and a few other characters were also present in the shot and it was really interesting coordinating with all of them.

The takeaway

My first experience of shooting for a Hindi film was amazing. The actors and the director, Sunil Agnihotri supported me and were very patient.
I made several friends, but the most important lesson that I have learnt while working with the team is patience and how to deliver dialogues, which I feel is a key element in acting.

Stumbling block

Since the movie was shot during the summer season, it was really difficult to cope with the heat while shooting the outdoor scenes. Also, I used to get the dialogues just 10 minutes before the shot, so memorising them was always a challenge.

Role model

I admire the Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima. She too started her career as a nobody and worked her way to the top.

Future projects

I have recently done a TV commercial for Vero Moda and also have a few film projects in the pipeline. I am waiting for things to finalise before starting work.

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