Bhagat to co-produce Half Girlfriend

Chetan Bhagat's newest book, Half Girlfriend's rights were bought even before it hit the stands

Mumbai | Updated: October 17, 2014 1:00:19 am

Chetan Bhagat Chetan Bhagat

By Kanika Rajani

Chetan Bhagat’s newest book, Half Girlfriend‘s rights were bought even before it hit the stands. “Mohit Suri and I met socially a couple of times. He liked my old books, but the rights to those books were already bought and I gave him a print out of this book. He loved it and cried thrice while reading it. Normally people see the book’s response and then write, but he was certain and said, let’s both get involved in the production. This is the first co-production for both of us. ”
He admits that expectations from the film are high, as not only have his readers said the book will make a great film, but Mohit Suri is also known for the love stories he makes. “My books have younger characters. The boy is good looking, has a rustic, rural charm, is determined, and inspiring. While the girl is quieter, compared to my other films that have bubbly girls.”
He dismisses rumours of Alia Bhatt, Huma Quereshi and Kriti Sanon being a part of the film. “Kriti and Huma launched my book, while Alia worked in 2 States,” he explains.
When asked if he planned to direct a film someday, he said he would prefer working with top directors, as he doesn’t have the patience to direct a film, and joked, “All good storytellers may not be good directors.”

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