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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bengali beauty

Film-maker Subhash Ghai's new find Mishti who makes her debut in Kaanchi, shares her experience of being a part of the film

Mumbai | Updated: April 16, 2014 10:32:50 am
Mishti Mishti

By Dhwani Mody

Launch vehicle

I play the title role of Kaanchi who is like the girl-next-door, a very simple and innocent rural beauty who is not bothered about the world . This kind of person who everyone can relate to easily. The film is her story and fight against power. The film is a simple love story and how it changes in a social political drama. It’s a perfect mix of action , drama and thrill.

Casting Coup

I bagged the film through Arindham, an assistant director with who I had done a Bengali movie called Porichoi. He recommended my name and showed my pictures to the casting directors in the Hindi film industry and that’s how I was called for the auditions in Mumbai. For Kaanchi I gave several auditions before being selected for the part. There were many comapability tests I went through besides the look test.

Stepping stone

After completing college I did a Bengali film on Rabindranath Tagore and then started modelling. Porichoi was my first big break in Bengali films – a story about father and daughter relationship which is up for release. And then came Kaanchi, my first Hindi film. Frankly, I did not take my career seriously till Kaanchi came my way.

First shot

The first scene I shot was a critical one. It was very intense and difficult where I had to emote with my eyes. I was quite confident and once the camera was switched on, I managed to pull it off quite well. Also the way Subhashji (director Subhash Ghai) explains a scene to the actors and the the way he communicates the nuances makes it very easy for an actor to perform.

Stumbling block

There were no major setbacks while shooting and everything went off very smoothly. There were some very minor problems like difficulty in portraying some emotions, but something which was easy to tackle. Shooting the scenes on a mountainous terrain , the rain sequences were tough, as it was freezing and we were all trying to keep warm.

The takeaway

Kaanchi is a very vital part of my life and career. When Subhashji gave me a character sketch for my role I started living my life according to the role. Also I am not a trained actor and and every moment I spent on the sets of Kaanchi is a cherished one. A majority of the crew was very young so there was a lot of fun and laughter while shooting. I also learnt cycling, something I shall never forget. And due to the difficult terrain I also fell while riding the cycle and the scars are still there on my knees.

Role model

For me my mother is my role model. My mother has always stood by me and is my support system. Whatever she has taught me and the way she has brought me up has helped become a better and a very independent person. The quality that I adore the most is her honesty . All the lessons I have learnt over the years are only because of my mother , she is the closest to me and I don’t think I could be what I am , without her.

Future plans

I like living in the present and am keeping my figures crossed that the movie gets appreciated and does well. It’s my dream to work with all the directors and producers of the film industry. I hope I get good scripts. But for now it’s only Kaanchi on my mind and yes, I am open to endorsements.


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