Beauty secrets

Beauty secrets

The growing demand for beauty and fashion tips from fans pushed Amrita Rao to launch her own blog. The actress talks about turning blogger

Amrita Rao
Amrita Rao

Q. 1 Why did you think of becoming a blogger?

Well, I have been pretty much active on Twitter since 2011 but, I must confess that I don’t tweet regularly. I used to check my mentions everyday and noticed that a lot of people were putting in different requests, especially those who wanted to know more about me. Then, there were some who wanted me to give them beauty or fashion tips. The fact that they wanted a star to share casual advice actually got me thinking. A friend of mine that I met at a recent event also suggested that I get down to writing. That’s when I realised that a personal communication zone was needed and blogging seemed like the best option.

Q. 2 Was blogging the first choice?

Actually, Twitter was my first choice. In fact, it still is. But, I personalty felt that the medium comes with a certain limitation and hence, I had to pick blogging, which, according to me, is the perfect platform.

Q. 3 What kind of topics will the blog deal with?


On the whole, my blog will explore both fashion and lifestyle. It will have more of a holistic approach and will deal with a lot of information on health, skin — care regimes, diet among others. A couple of posts will deal with philosophies for leading a positive lifestyle.

Q. 4 What will the blog be called?

I am still thinking about the name and I have got quite a few options in mind, but nothing is finalised yet. I am planning to run the blog in its beta (a testing stage for a website or software) stage first, share it fans and see the response. The blog will mostly go live by mid-August.

Q. 5 What can your fans expect from the blog?

Most of my fans wanted me to put up details about my beauty regime, which I will definitely put up. But, they will get to read lots of other tried and tested tips, which hopefully the readers can experience themselves and will eventually use it.

Q. 6 Will you be writing posts on your own experience in the industry as an actress?

Oh well, I haven’t thought about that. But I think that’s a very good idea (smiles). I should get started on that as well.

Q. 7 Do you read other blogs online? If yes, can you name any favourites?

Oh yes! I do read a few blogs and I love reading Amitji‘s (Amitabh Bachchan) blog posts. I think they are outstanding.
While shooting for Satyagraha, I came across his blog, Bachchan Bol, and have been hooked on to it since then. Looking at his dedication and passion for the blog, I was absolutely amazed. After a long and hectic shoot schedule, all of us would come back and collapse. But Amitji used to stay awake, only to update his blogpost. He would do that even at 3.00 am and that too with perfect detailing.

Q. 8 Do you think blogging comes with its flipside too?

Everything in life comes at a price and so does blogging. While some comments can elevate you, sometimes, a few others can leave you feeling absolutely devastated. But anyway, my only motto is make this whole experience real and full of fun, so I will focus on that.

Q. 9 Will you be updating your blog regularly?

Well, I promise to update it as regularly as possible.

Q. 10 What is your take on the internet boom today?


I think the digital world is growing slowly and steadily with time, which is both fascinating and amazing.