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Arjuna Harjai composes and sings a song with Sunidhi Chauhan

Arjuna Harjai composes and sings a song with Sunidhi Chauhan

Harjai will be composing three songs for an untitled horror film

Arjuna Harjai with Sunidhi Chauhan  and Surabhi Dashputra
Arjuna Harjai with Sunidhi Chauhan and Surabhi Dashputra

By Kanika Rajani

Last heard in Atyachaari in Titoo MBA, Arjuna Harjai will now be seen composing and singing for a horror film. The film has been directed by Surya Prakash who was assisting Ram Gopal Verma. Composing music for a horror film is no mean feat and Harjai has been roped in to compose three songs. From which he is singing one in a duet with Sunidhi Chauhan, titled Raat kehti hai. While the song has been picturised on its lead pair, it’s not a mainstream passionate number. “ It’s a dark song and it seems as if a witch is singing it. They are currently shooting the song which depicts the leading lady telling the hero that even the night is compelling her to be with him.” In terms of the song’s arrangement, it is very rhythmic and has used ‘irregular’ instruments like the piano and pizzicatto which gives the song a naughty edge. The composer-singer is working on the same song with Sunidhi Chauhan for the first time. Given the film’s plot, it’s no wonder that they roped in the versatile Chauhan . “Sunidhi knows how to modulate her voice so the composer can explore it sonically.” The second song composed by him is titled Duss rahe hai. The song has been inspired by a snake’s venom and is about how the heroine is wondering what her life lacks. Written by Surabhi Dashputra and has been sung by Jonita Gandhi who sang Kahaan hoon main in Highway, it’s not disturbing and makes the listener feel as if time has come to a standstill, according to Harjai. “This song has used the electric guitar and taiko drums, the piano and the snare,” says Harjai as he describes this song’s mood as neutral. While the song’s tempo is slow, the taiko drums give it an orchestral feel and the snare which accompanies the drum supports it and enhances the drum sonically. Harjai knows little about the third song he is about to compose and says that may be a promotional dance number.