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Everest, one of the upcoming shows on Star Plus, aims to add a bit to the changing face of Indian television

Mumbai | Updated: September 26, 2014 1:01:02 am

Ashutosh Gowariker and A.R. Rahman reveal the first look of Everest Ashutosh Gowariker and A.R. Rahman reveal the first look of Everest

By Priyanka Bhadani

The news about Ashutosh Gowariker making his foray in television with Everest had been making the rounds for sometime now. The film-maker put speculations to rest when he launched the first-look and trailer of the show last week. With Everest, that tells the story of a girl (Anjali Singh Rawat) who attempts to climb the highest peak— Mount Everest— to prove herself to her father, Gowariker aims to bring a little change in the television space.
The director has not just produced but also written the show along with Mitali Mahajan, who has assisted him earlier on his films. The project is quite ambitious and has a high production value as it is being touted as one of the first Indian television shows to have been shot at outdoor locations in the hills.
“We shot in the peaks of Uttarakhand and Nepal,” informs Gowariker, who was intrigued by the idea about what happens after a mountaineer scales the highest peak. “It was during the process of writing this show that I realised that it is inner satisfaction that people look for,” he remarks. While shooting on the hills, many advanced technical equipments including GoPro cameras, 4K technology, etc have been used.
Mahajan, who has worked on the project since the last two years, says that a lot of research has gone into it because the team wanted to make it as real as possible. Besides Sir Edmund Hillary’s book, To Everest And Beyond, that became a handy reference while scripting the show, several other books by other mountaineers have been referred to. “We even met quite a few of them personally to make sure we get our facts right,” says Mahajan, adding that there are 14 peaks that have an elevation of over 8000 meters and some enthusiastic people have climbed all. “A lot of them have live blogs about their journey through these peak. We have been following a lot of them,” she adds.
Interestingly, the last few months have been really experimental for the general entertainment channels on television with big Bollywood stars making their fiction debut and acclaimed film-makers taking up TV production and also popular series from the neighbourhood countries making a way into the heart of the audience.
For Everest, Gowariker has not just brought some of the best crew, but also music composer A.R. Rahman, who is composing for TV for the first time. “Venturing into television has been on my mind for a couple of years. Ashutosh came to me with the concept which was very intriguing. It is a very good start for me,” remarked Rahman during the trailer launch and went on to say that now that we have HD and 5.1 sound, audiences are in for a better experience. “TV is a great platform to express music and play round with textures.”


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