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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Marathi film producer Atul Tapkir allegedly commits suicide, blames wife in Facebook post

Atul Tapkir stated in his Facebook note that his wife did not treat him well, and allegedly she also abused her in-laws.

By: Express Web Desk | Mumbai | May 14, 2017 5:46:49 pm
Atul Tapkir, atul tapkir suicide, marathi producer suicide, Atul Tapkir pics Atul Tapkir, the Marathi film producer left a note on Facebook blaming his wife for his decision.

Atul Tapkir, known for producing Marathi drama film Dhol Taashe Pathak, has reportedly committed suicide apparently over dispute with his wife, Priyanka. The filmmaker allegedly drank poison. Tapkir, who was in a hotel in Pune at the time of the suicide, left a note on his Facebook page, in which he described how he and Priyanka had been fighting for the past few months since he made losses with Dhol Taashe.

Tapkir wrote that Priyanka wasn’t supportive of his work and they used to have a lot of arguments, which reached a point where she threw him out of their house and lodged a complaint against him. The note does not mention why Priyanka went to the police.

Tapkir wasn’t allowed to meet their kids, the note read. The producer also mentioned that he had attempted suicide on an earlier occasion too.

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“I made a film called Dhol Taashe. I really believed making films was my destiny and I made it my career. But nevertheless, that dream didn’t work out, and had more losses. My parents were supportive of my work, but my wife, Priyanka would fight a lot with me. She blamed me for several things. She also threw me out of my house and it has been six months. I request Chief Minister of Maharashtra that it would be fair if the police had heard his side of the story also, not just Priyanka’s. She had lodged a police complaint. When I told my version to the police, they said they understand my plight but cannot help me because my wife had lodged the complaint before I had. Priyanka and her brothers made my life a living hell. She started doubting me on a lot of things and also used cuss words while fighting with me,” Tapkir wrote.

He also mentioned that two-three days ago, he made a drunk call to Priyanka and abused her. “I was expecting she would understand my plight and drunk state but she abused me back.” Criticising his wife further, Tapkir wrote that she used to abuse his parents and sisters.

“I am not saying all women take advantage of the law but ones like Priyanka use the law and mentally harass families. Priyanka never took care of my father or sisters but still kept abusing them during our arguments and I couldn’t get that. My mother passed away ten years ago but Priyanka abused her as well. She abused me when I was taking my son who was bleeding from his nose and hand and didn’t let me take him to the hospital. She said she will make me and my children beg on the streets and destroy the family, which everyone in the locality has heard.”

Tapkir said that he wanted his father to be his son’s care-taker after his death. “It’s better to die than see myself and the family lose respect. I only have one wish that after my death my father should take care of my children rather than her because she can’t. Let Priyanka live her life full of comfort. I have proofs of her brother abusing us in a pen drive and pictures of injuries my son sustained. I can’t live in such tensed state, it’s better to die for once. I’ve attempted suicide before this and Priyanka said, ‘You can die but don’t let me get hassled over it.’ I don’t understand when did I hassle her while she kicked me out of the house, snatched my children away from me, destroyed my respect in society. She didn’t even feel bad that her husband is attempting suicide, how can I hassle her? Ironically it’s my family who is hassled. My father had to listen to her abuses because of me, I am being mentally harassed.”

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In the end, he wrote that he was ending his life by drinking poison, and was relieved he would now be with his mother.

“I’ve beared a lot now I can’t and my mind is asking me to end my life that’s why I am drinking poison. I am drinking today because I am not able to bring up enough courage to drink poison. I apologise to my family, friends and son. Sorry for all the troubles you had to bare because of me. Sorry I am leaving you all midway but I am yours. One thing I am happy about is that I’ll live with my mom now,” Tapkir ended the note.

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