Rajinikanth’s Kabali: Here are five reasons to watch this blockbuster

Rajinikanth's Kabali lands on July 22 and if you still need reasons to watch it, here goes nothing.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 22, 2016 3:38:53 pm
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Rajinikanth’s Kabali lands on July 22 and if you still need reasons to watch it, here goes nothing.

1. Rajinikanth

If you thought the Khans were the holy trinity that ruled over Indian cinema, think again. Rajinikanth is the biggest superstar and the fan mania that is sweeping India is a proof. This is Rajinikanth’s 164th film and it is expected to whip up a storm. The film is expected to earn Rs 200 crore in the first three days itself. The film is booked solid for first weekend, 5am shows are being organised and in the US, the film’s tickets were sold out in two hours flat once advance booking opened. This is hysteria like you never knew existed.

2. Kabali is a different kind of Rajinikanth film

No Rajinikanth cliches, no fast walk, not even the obvious comic gags. Director Pa Ranjith, him of Madras fame, has made a film where superstar Rajini bows down to the actor Rajini. He plays a don who fights for the oppressed Tamilians in Malaysia. The film is expected to be raw and edgy but with some concessions made for the superstar. Will this be Rajini’s own Nayakan?

3. Radhika Apte

The actress plays Rajinikanth’s wife in the film and she has a part which is no walk over. Radhika is an acting powerhouse who is known for choosing films that are not mainstream and bringing a depth to them. Rest assured, she won’t be in Kabali just for the glam value.

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4. The film’s music is already a chartbuster, especially Neruppa Da. We have all dubsmashed to it, we have watched its cover versions and we have bingewatched it on YouTube. Now time to watch it on the big screen with cheering fans.

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5. Watch Kabali because you don’t want to feel left out of conversations, social media and what have you. The movie’s poster is all over cars, buses, mugs, tees and airplanes. The film’s trailer has been watched 26 million times and corporates down south have actually announced July 22, the release date, as a holiday. If you don’t want to miss out on memes, in jokes, film references and social media buzz for the next fortnight, we suggest you watch this film.

5 Reasons To Watch Rajinikanth’s Kabali



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