Bigg Boss Telugu: Katti Karthika and Dhanraj get evicted, Jr NTR gets emotional

Bigg Boss Telugu: Katti Karthika and Dhanraj get evicted, Jr NTR gets emotional

Bigg Boss Telugu: This week Jr NTR surprised the contestants with the announcement of double evictions. This is happening for the second time since the show kicked off on the television. Is Bigg Boss Telugu failing to make a mark despite Jr NTR's easy-breezy hosting?

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Bigg Boss Telugu: Jr NTR evicts Dhanraj and Katti Karthika.

This week Bigg Boss Telugu had a surprise double eviction. Contestants Katti Karthika and Dhanraj have been shown the doors of the house. The moment Dhanraj left, Jr NTR made the actor speak to his wife who announced that she has given birth to a baby boy. Dhanraj and Jr NTR were extremely happy about this development. Later, Dhanraj was told to throw the Bigg Bomb, which he gave to Adarsh. According to that, now Adarsh would have to lay carpet everywhere Diksha would go.

Later in the show, Jr NTR announced the second eviction. Katti Karthika, who was claimed to be one of the strongest contenders, was the one to leave the show. And as per the ritual, Karthika too threw a Bigg Bomb on Shiva Balaji, who will not be allowed to use washroom till the last person of the house uses it.

Talking about the show, since the very first day, the viewers who have been following Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss too, were sure that Jr NTR has taken inspiration from the Bollywood superstar in terms of how to host a reality show. Bigg Boss as a concept is extremely new for Telugu audience and Jr NTR coming on board had raised the standards of TV shows aired on Telugu channels so far.

Now, Bigg Boss Telugu has reached half way and within a couple of weeks, the show has had two double evictions already, contestant Mumaith Khan has been sent to the secret room and all sorts of things have happened. While it is fetching good TRPs too, somehow it is failing to convince the viewers because there is too much of harmony and peace in the house.


On the contrary, Bigg Boss Tamil is grabbing headlines every now and then. Kamal Haasan might not be as lively as Jr NTR on the stage but he surely knows how to shut gossips, speak on point and comment about anything outside or inside the Bigg Boss house.


So, will Bigg Boss Telugu end up being the most non-controversial season in the history of all the versions of Bigg Boss in India?