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Monday, July 16, 2018

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5: Sudeep warns housemates to not get into fistfights. Meet the 17 contestants of the show

The season 5 of Bigg Boss Kannada began on Sunday. Kannada movie star Sudeep has returned as the host for the brand new season, where commoners will be rubbing shoulders with the celebrities. 17 contestants will be locked up for 100 days, cut off from the world and technology.

Written by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Updated: October 16, 2017 12:07:07 pm
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The fifth season of Bigg Boss Kannada went on air Sunday with its host Kichcha Sudeep introducing all the new contestants. The Kannada movie star was at ease hosting the show with his anchoring skills that were perfected over the last five seasons. He kept the mood light and funny as he welcomed each contestant into the newly designed house of Bigg Boss.

Sudeep began the show with singing ‘Manase Manase’ song from his 2004 film Ranga SSLC, following which he gave a small speech, giving a philosophical spin to the reality TV show, which is generally criticised for its voyeuristic format.

As per the Bigg Boss tradition, Sudeep gave the audience a tour of the newly designed house, where most of the 17 contestants will be locked up for 100 days, cut off from the world and technology.

This season, the showrunners are also determined to put the contestants of the show on a weight-loss programme as Sudeep checked the weight of each contestant before they entered the house. He promised them that they will weigh much less when they come out of the show. And he had one common question for everyone about their temperament, suggesting them to not get into fistfights. It was sort of a warning.

Earlier, while talking to the media Sudeep had advised the contestants to behave socially responsible and never hit fellow contestants keeping previous such incidents on the show in mind. He also suggested the possibility of cases being booked against those housemates who get involved in physical fights.

On Sunday’s show, Sudeep introduced 17 housemates. Of which 11 are celebrities, while six are commoners picked through auditions from different parts of Karnataka. It is for the first time, the Kannada version of the show has let the commoners rub shoulders with celebrities.

The commoner contestants:

Divakar – A salesperson

Sameer Acharya – A priest

Megha – A native of Kodagu

Nivedita Gowda – A Dubsmash artiste

Riaz Basha – An emcee

Maharani Sumithra Devi aka Suma Rajkumar – A housewife from Mysuru

The celebrity contestants are as follows:

Celebrity numerologist Jayasreenivasa

Kannada filmmaker Dayal Padmanabhan

Actor Sihi Kahi Chandru

Singer-actor Shruti Prakash

TV celebrity Anupama Gowda of reality show Halli Duniya fame

Actor Karthik Jayaram

TV serial actor Ashita Chandrappa

Actor Tejaswini Prakash

Singer-lyricist Chandan Shetty

TV host and actor Jagannath

Model and actress Krishni Thapanda

The list of contestants was big. To save some time, the showrunners even sent in two contestants together at the same time. There is a possibility of double elimination rounds in the coming weekends.

Jayasreenivasan was the first contestant to enter the house. Given that he is a numerologist, Jayasreenivasan wasn’t happy when he was given a mic which had number 17 on it as 1+7=8, which is not lucky for him. He did not enter the house until his demands were met and given a different mic that suited his numerology. He was also asked to remain in the confession room and tell the Bigg Boss about his first impression of each housemate. And he was the last contestant to show up in front of the other housemates, making him technically the 17th contestant. Well, we guess, Jayasreenivasan must have been unhappy from the inside. Was it a payback from Bigg Boss or simply a task?

After going inside the house, the housemates began to warm up to each other even as everyone enjoyed teasing Nivedita over her Kannada-speaking style. Other than that, the housemates just seemed to gel well with each other and they will remain in the house until they get evicted by the audience or they don’t hit a fellow housemate. If they do, their run will be cut short by Kannada cinema’s ‘Angry Young Man’ Sundeep.

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