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Friday, July 20, 2018

Ramya Krishnan on Baahubali’s Sivagami first offered to Sridevi: That doesn’t really matter

As Baahubali 2 rules the box office collection, Ramya Krishnan says she is proud to have been a part of a historic film.

Written by Priyanka Sundar | New Delhi | Updated: May 12, 2017 3:14:02 pm
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It was very recently that the news of Sivagami’s role being offered to Sridevi before Ramya Krishnan went viral online. The reports claimed the Sridevi had rejected Baahubali as she was working Vijay’s Puli at that time. For those of you who do not know, all that Sridevi’s role as the villain managed was to end up being fodder for meme makers. In a chat with, Ramya Krishnan, the actor who finally ended up playing the part stunningly,  spoke about how she felt about the success of the film, the role, and about who it was offered to prior to her.

Ramya Krishnan felt overwhelmed when she had started to hear from fans and friends about her performance. The appreciation that she got from people was a wonderful feeling that she shared on her Twitter page. Ask about this now and the actor said, “It feels wonderful to have been a part of not just any film, but ‘the film’ of Indian Film Industry. The appreciation that I heard from people, the audience who showered me with love for my performance, left me overwhelmed. Now, I also feel sad that I won’t be meeting the team as often as we did when we worked together. We won’t be on the sets, shooting that is something that we have been doing on and off since we started shooting for Baahubali 1.”

So, a character that she came back to for five years, did Sivagami have an effect on her personally? Ramya said that more than any personal takeaways, the sense of achievement that feels after having gotten countrywide fame as Sivagami is something she is proud of. “When people who know me, who have seen my work before are appreciating me, it is a great feeling. There is happiness, of course, but when people who don’t know me or my past work see the performance for the first time and appreciate it, that makes a lot of difference. The recognition that this role has given me is something that I am proud of having achieved,” she said.

Did she have any inputs or suggestions to add to her character? How did she prepare for this role? The Padayappa star replied, “I trusted Rajamouli sir completely. I let him guide me, and I did what had to be done and delivered it the way it had to be delivered.” So, does her character Nilambari – also one of the strong characters that she had played – have similarities to Sivagami? Many comparisons have been drawn by fans who have watched both the films as Nilambari’s anger and Rajamata Sivagami’s anger seems quite similar on screen. Ramya, however, explains, that each character is different and so is every story. “Anger, passion, sadness or love are things that everyone feels. Nilambari was known for a completely different thing. The way she reacts when she is angry, the way she reacts in itself completely different from Sivagami. Sivagami’s USP in the film is power. This character is one of the most powerful ones in the film, and this was also the reason why it was picked up to become a trilogy. So, there are lots of nuances to each of them,” she explained.

Ramya krishnan, Baahubali 2 sivagami actor, Ramya Krishnan pics, Sivagami stills

Many raved about how there are so many moments in the film that gives the audience goosebumps. So was she touched by any scene in particular? Not just touched, Ramya says that she had tears in her eyes when she watched one particular scene. She recalled, “I had never seen the complete finished product with the background score and everything until the screening in Hyderabad where the entire team was present. So, as we watched the film, this particular scene where Kattappa confronts Sivagami and reveals the truth to her brought tears to my eyes. Not only because the moment was emotional, but because it was a scene that was purely emoted with no dialogues. And the way Rajamouli sir had shot it, was just beautiful. I loved performing that scene.”

So can she imagine such a character being offered to Sridevi? Ramya answers that she honestly doesn’t care who it was offered to before. She stated, “I am hearing about the role being offered to someone else only now, and I really didn’t know who was approached before me. But that doesn’t really matter. Initially, even I was not very keen on doing this project because the producer had wanted a good bulk of my dates. I had other commitments and I was unsure if I could give them what they wanted. I had said that to the producer, but he convinced me to read the script. And then there was no turning back.”

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What is Ramya looking forward to next? “We can never foresee such things. I never expected Sivagami would happen but it did. So, I really don’t know what is next for me.” But she is ready to work with a debutante director as well. “The kind of films that are being made today, especially when it comes to supporting characters and the importance given to them is unprecedented and it looks promising,” concluded Ramya. So you might see her on the silver screen soon enough!

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