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Sunday, May 31, 2020

10 Marathi short films to watch during the lockdown

Here is a list of 10 Marathi short films you can watch during the ongoing lockdown.

Written by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Published: April 11, 2020 2:02:30 pm
marathi short film coronavirus lockdown Pipanya, Aai Shapat and other Marathi short films to watch during the lockdown.

After sharing 10 Marathi feature films to stream online, and 10 web-series to binge on, today we share a list of 10 Marathi short films you can watch during the ongoing lockdown.


Pipanya, directed by Shubham Ghatge and Yuvraj Jadhav, showcases the condition of folk artists in rural Maharashtra. Pipanya, the central character is a film artiste who has been playing Pipani (a traditional folk wind instrument) for years. His art form is losing significance due to the advancement in technology. Pipanya depicts the social, economic and personal struggle faced by folk artists of Maharashtra.


Horpal, written and directed by Aniket Kulthe, is a story based on the condition of migrant workers of Maharashtra, from the point of view of a school going boy, Gunaa. In less than 12 minutes, the film throws light on how children of migrant workers lose out on education because of their constant migration in search of work.

Tamarinds and Toffees

Directed by Pranjalee Upadhyay, Tamarinds and Toffees is a film that showcases a friendship of seventy plus years between two women who are now grandmothers. The film will surely to take you on a nostalgia trip.

Aai Shapat

Director Gautam Vaze received the Best Director award in the non-feature film category for his short film Aai Shapat at the 66th National Film Awards. The film serves the viewer a slice of childhood that is full of innocence, in a total of fifteen minutes.


Bheka is a film about two brothers, one who believes in God and one who doesn’t. It is their journey of finding out why we get second chances in life and how we can make better choices. Directed by Vipul Mahapurush, this film is his way of showcasing how it is human nature to choose the good over bad and it looks as if that’s God’s plan.

Aai Chi Jai

Starring Mrinal Kulkarni, this film talks about empty nest syndrome. Aai Chi Jai is directed by Gaurav Patki and shows how a mother struggles with the fact that her grown up son is leaving their home for the first time.

It’s Ok

It’s Ok is a story of self discovery. This story is about a girl who likes to keep to herself and is an introvert. She tries mingling with people to become less socially awkward. She is successful at becoming a social person, but realises that she feels true satisfaction when she spends some alone time with herself.


Kulup, meaning a lock, is directed by Vishal Abhang. This film, like Horpal, is also based on the lives of migrant labourers. It is based on the lives of sugarcane harvesting workers in Maharashtra. The short was nominated for the best debut director award at the 3rd International Short Film Festival Pune 2018.


Written and directed by Dr Shubhangi Datar, this short film is about mental health awareness, and the importance of acceptance, inclusion and treatment of people who are suffering from mental health issues. This story is told from a counselor’s point of view and how she copes when her son is the one who needs psychiatric help.


Chafa is an inspiring and beautiful story of a woman who decides to follow her dream of filmmaking. The story and screenplay is by Manasi Deodhar, and she has directed and acted in the film too.

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