Out of the box: Mid-Air Crisis

Like all Indian telly shows, this one too is centred around a woman.

Written by Jaskiran Kapoor | Updated: September 5, 2014 12:50:25 am
A still from Airlines-Har Udaan  Ek Toofan A still from Airlines-Har Udaan
Ek Toofan

Show: Airlines-Har Udaan Ek Toofan

Channel: Star Plus

Timings: Sunday, 9pm

Rating: * 1/2

After the fiasco of the much-hyped Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Yudh for Sony, Star Plus’ high flying Airlines-Har Udaan Ek Toofan seems to be heading for a crash landing. With screenplay writer Advaita Kala (writer of Kahaani) on board for this project, we expected something spectacular, but the two episodes we have seen so far have been very turbulent in nature.

Like all Indian telly shows, this one too is centred around a woman. Meet First Officer Ananya Rawat, who packs in her family into an old Ambassador car, and is shown driving to the airport. Ananya is a pilot with Inde Air (they really couldn’t come up with any other name!) who has struggled with her limited middle-class means to reach this point in life. To stack up the cliches, she crashes her car into another vehicle at the airport parking lot and ends up placating a harried passenger. The stereotypes follow as Ananya enters her workplace. The air hostesses give her a cold shoulder and male officers snigger like school kids. They clearly have an issue with a lady pilot on board, which, in today’s day and age comes off as slightly regressive.

Then there is Captain Akaash (Yudishthir Urs), who walks with an air of superiority, and runs into trouble with Ananya on the first day. He pulls his rank while she counters with a strong code of conduct. Together, Joshi and Urs seem comfortable in their skin, which pales in comparison to the artificial effects and terrible performances in the show. The uniform of the staff — electric blue with bright pink polka dots, looks plastic. The special effects too are basic, and nothing that make the flying experience thrilling or soaring.

Till now there has been a war of words and a bomb hoax. It seems that the writer and makers are hell bent on making Ananya this super pilot who can handle any situation. But she is not a patch on the women that Indian television has showcased in the past through memorable serials such as Udaan, Tara, Shanti, Astitva, to name a few. This show — and Ananya — needs more punch if they want to crack the glass ceiling.

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