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Friday, July 20, 2018

Love and other tragedies

Vikram Bhatt on his new gig as the narrator for Ishq Kills on Star Plus.

Updated: February 20, 2014 11:24:49 pm
Vikram Bhatt on his new gig as the narrator for Ishq Kills on Star Plus. Vikram Bhatt on his new gig as the narrator for Ishq Kills on Star Plus.

For starters, the show was not my idea, it was the brainchild of the production house (Rowdy Rascals) and Star Plus. For their new weekly show, I have come on board as an anchor, narrating the stories as they unfold, connecting it with the viewers and somewhere along the way, also lending my commentary to the issues. The audience is free to interpret my thoughts and take back what they want from the show. What I find appealing about the concept behind Ishq Kills is its treatment — it doesn’t preach or talk down to the viewer nor does it come across as a moral science class. It’s a show that unravels shades of love and passion and the thrill that comes with it. It tells the story as it is, and it is a bold step to undertake a programming change of this sort. People are either too scared or hypocritical to talk about the real biting issues and stories that are living and playing out right in front of us. The show is not a figment of imagination, it’s presenting relationships that are rampant in society.

Love can be perceived from various angels. Through this show we don’t intend to define right or wrong but leave the viewer with a thought and a decision to make for themselves. Some of the stories will prove to be extremely shocking but the reality is that they exist.

Of the few episodes I’ve shot, I’ve come across stories that deal with the dilemma of love — of two cousins in love, a housemaid in love with her employer and a doctor falling for his patient’s wife, among others. Personally, I feel love is an excuse and the rest is a whole bunch of marketing by Archies cards. That said, through this show, one will also realise that you also cannot stop feeling for someone because it is a cousin or an employer. A heart feels what it feels. These are forbidden, difficult, but very much their love stories.

And with such crimes come punishment to deter this so called ‘anti-social behaviour’.

The way I perceive such situations is to ask if love is the consequences of his/ her actions? Are you ready to let go, trash the rules and break social norms? Although I am not very keen on Indian television, Ishq Kills is a pathbreaking and unconventional show with some explosive stories. Watch it.

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