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Monday, August 10, 2020

Hrithik Roshan’s statement on Kangana Ranaut controversy: 10 points

Hrithik Roshan opined that despite there being various loopholes in Kangana Ranaut's side of the story, nobody bothers to question it. Because in our society, a girl is always the victim and a man is always the aggressor. And not even once does Hrithik say this disgracefully.

Written by Shivangi Jalan | New Delhi | Updated: October 6, 2017 9:29:33 am
hrithik roshan, kangana ranaut, hrithik kangana, kangana hrithik, kangana ranaut hrithik roshan  Hrithik Roshan opined that despite there being various loopholes in Kangana Ranaut”s side of the story, nobody bothers to question it.

Kaabil actor Hrithik Roshan on Thursday chose to break his silence on his ongoing feud with Simran actor Kangana Ranaut. And instead of beating around the bush, Hrithik quickly got to the point. He narrated why he did what he did and how this so-called lie has affected him and his family.

Hrithik opined that despite there being various loopholes in Kangana’s side of the story, nobody bothers to question it. Because in our society, a girl is always the victim and a man is always the aggressor. And not even once does Hrithik say this disgracefully. He accepts that that is how he has been raised and how he will bring his children up. But largely it looks like Hrithik is making a plea as to how a “well meaning and probably necessary social bias towards women has” left him helpless in defending himself.

1. Why has Hrithik been silent?

Hrithik gives a justified reason about him being quiet so far. Almost all of Hrithik’s fans have been wondering that when Kangana has been speaking her heart out at her various interviews with Rajat Sharma, Rajeev Masand and Barkha Dutt, why he has chosen to stay silent for alomst four years now. Especially after being in a situation where silence reeks of guilt. To this Hrithik calmly accepts his mistake and says that as much as he tried to ignore this fall-out, it turned out to be like a disease which turned even more malignant when ignored.

2. No private relations with Kangana!

Though this may sound a little unbelievable and outrageous but Hrithik has confidently alleged in his statement that apart from their professional commitments, Hrithik never met Kangana in a private capacity. And when Kangana’s sister Rangoli retaliated to Hrithik’s statement recently, she ignored this part, having no answers.

3. The so-called ‘Good Guy Image’

Understanding the implication of his statement, Hrithik is bold enough to say it out loud that he is not one who will childishly try to uphold the ‘good guy image’ in the industry. Rather, he says that he is also a human and knows that he has made a number of mistakes in the past but this matter at hand has a much bigger purpose than just defending his own character.

4. Girl-the victim and Man-the aggressor

Hrithik then goes on to say that people and media have stopped questioning Kangana’s side of the story, just because it fits in their ‘model of the world’ where a girl is the victim and a man is the aggressor. But, no where does Hrithik lose his temper while making a point. Because while saying this he doesn’t fail to accept that women have been at the receiving end of abuse from centuries. But that doesn’t mean there could not be an exception.

5. No evidences or pictures

One of the most valid questions that Hrithik asks in the statement is that why are there no pictures of Hrithik and Kangana together if two high-profile celebs like them were allegedly in a seven-year-long relationship. He even asks that if they reportedly got engaged in Paris in Janaury 2014, it doesn’t make sense for Kangana to not have even one momento.

6. No passport stamp for Paris

In an explosive comment, Hrithik also alleges that in January 2014, he didn’t travel outside India, let alone going to Paris and pop the question to Kangana. He is even ready to submit his passport as proof of the matter.

7. Why would a girl lie?

Hrithik quips that people are not even bothered about all these questions because the common mentality is ‘why would a girl lie?’. But he even goes to explain that this is the learning that he has imbibed from his parents and that is what he will teach his children as well. But that doesn’t mean closing our ears to the other side of the story.

8. Ex-wife Suzanne’s clarification

Hrithik also talks about the picture of Hrithik and Kangana getting intimate in party which went viral. Not only does Hrithik claim that it is photoshopped but he also clarifies that all his friends including his ex-wife have been in support of Hrithik right after the picture was released.

9. Surrendering of devices

In proof of his above-mentioned assertions, Hrithik has said that he has submitted all his electronic devices including laptops or phones to the cyber cell for the investigation to smoothly take place further.

10. No, he’s not angry

Unlike Kangana and Rangoli, Hrithik has expressed that he is not venting out his anger with his statement. He is rather trying to defend his side of the story. Hrithik even mentions that even his divorce was a peaceful affair and how he has never had a fight all his life. All he wants from the issue is to express what he feels is the truth. Because when a lie like this is promoted on public platforms, it leads to suffering of children, families and societies.

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