YouTube Charts launched in India: What it means and how it works

YouTube Charts launched in India: What it means and how it works

Video streaming platform YouTube has released YouTube Charts in India. Here is what that means.

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India is one of the 56 countries in which YouTube Charts is available.

Charts are an important tool in gauging the commercial performance of a song, album or artiste. They have been used extensively to rank what audiences have been listening to over a specific amount of time. In India, charts have so far been maintained by the likes of Apple, the Times Group, and various other streaming services. The latest addition to these is YouTube Charts.

What is YouTube Charts?

YouTube Charts ranks the performance of songs, music videos and artistes on its own platform. It includes the categories: Trending, Top Songs, Top Artists, and Top Music Videos.  Since each category is based purely on numbers and not qualitative in any way, it is important to note how each one is calculated.

Trending chart

The trending chart is a collection of songs that became immediately popular on release. This chart is based on total organic views and is updated multiple times a day to provide a picture of what people are listening to, almost real-time.

Top Songs

Top Songs in the country are calculated based on the total organic views the song has received across all official versions. This includes the song’s music video, lyric video, and any other versions. The Top Songs in the country reflect the different ways audiences are listening to music on YouTube. This chart is updated weekly at 12:30 am every Monday.

Top Artists


Top Artists is calculated based on all the views received by the entire discography of an artiste. This includes music videos, lyric videos and even the number of time the song is used in user-generated content. This means that artistes whose music has been licensed and used in content created by someone else receive a view as well. This chart is updated weekly as well.

Top Music Videos

Top Music Videos is a ranking of all the organic views an official version of a music video receives.

Large discrepancies between the views listed under a video and the views reported on the charts may exist. This is because recent changes in the way that YouTube counts views for its charts made it so that paid promotion does not count towards the charts. India’s 265 million daily active users must view a video in its original form and not as an ad for it to be considered for the chart.

YouTube Charts may prove to be a valuable tool to understand what India is listening to. The exclusion of paid views ensures that word of mouth and other manners of unpaid promotion are valued and even independent artistes have a shot at ranking on the charts.