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A Cappella Band The Magnets on Bollywood music: It’s very exciting and the scale of the performances are huge

The Magnets is coming to India for a tour. We at indianexpress.com got in conversation with the a capella band as they share their excitement about coming to India. Magnets have performed across the globe including countries like Australia, Austria, United States of America among otheres

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The Magnets is comng to India for a tour.

A Cappella band The Magnets is all set to kick off their debut India tour. The Magnets is a six-piece band, and the music they are offering to Indian music lovers is quite unique. In a conversation with indianexpress.com, the band shared their excitement about coming to India, and their love for Indian music.

In a live concert scene full of fusion bands and electronic artists, A Cappella groups aren’t just a breath of fresh air but are also extremely interesting to watch. The Magnets, an A Cappella super-group featuring the hottest vocal and beat boxing talent on the international A Cappella scene and London’s West End, have performed across the globe including countries like Australia, Austria, United States of America, China and Switzerland among several others. They are gearing up to get you to tap your feet on some of their popular chartbusters.

Here’s an excerpt from the tete-a-tete

1) A Cappella Band music is very new to India. What kind of Indian classical music have you guys heard of, and do you like it?

We haven’t heard much Indian classical music but from what we have heard, we love its pace, rhythm and the fact that a lot of emphasis is put on improvisation – that’s not the case in most Western music. The instruments are so different as well which is fascinating.


2) What perception do you guys have about Indian Bollywood music?

Bollywood is incredibly popular in the UK and so we’ve heard some of the music. We know that it’s very big and exciting. The scale of the performances is huge. We have some surprises for the Indian audience this time. We will be covering some of the hit Bollywood songs too in our pubic tour in India.

3) You guys are coming to India. What are your expectations? What is your reach in the Indian sub-continent?

India is such a big and exciting country. We can’t wait to bring our music here to see what people think of it. Thanks to the internet our reach is getting bigger. We hope that lots of people will come down and see the show.

4) How has social media and the internet contributed to the growth of your band?

The internet is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is great for expanding our market and introducing people to our music. Because of the internet, we’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world because promoters have seen our videos and invited us to come and sing for them. We have been to Australia, Russia, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Israel and many other places. However, as you say, it means that ideas become much more fluid and you can find that another group is singing your song and not giving you credit for it. Overall, we’re fairly relaxed about it – you can’t fight technology! And the internet has done more for us than the cost of piracy.

5) Five highlights about The Magnets that will be exciting for the Indian music lovers

>> Our beatboxer Ball-Zee is the best in the world. You’ll be amazed at the sounds he can make with his mouth!

>> The arrangements of our songs will be surprising. You’ll hear songs you know, but in a way you’ve never heard them before.

>> If you like harmony, you’ll love The Magnets! Everything is harmony.

>> Do you want to dance? We guarantee you’ll leave the theatre dancing to the music.

>> We can guarantee we’ll put a smile on your face with our cheeky British charm singing some Bollywood hit numbers too.

6) What do you feel about collaborating with AGP World and their vision of getting international talent to India?

AGP World is one of the most visionary companies we’ve worked with. They are experts at spotting talent that will be exciting and then bringing that talent to India. In the entertainment industry, you often work with people who don’t deliver on what they promise, but Ashvin Gidwani at AGP always delivers and he’s been very successful in bringing big shows like STOMP to India.


The Magnets’ first performance will be held at Tata Theatre: NCPA on September 9th and the Six-piece British a cappella group will also perform at Siri Fort, Delhi on September 16.