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Tune Fix: From Butter to Hello, songs you need to listen to this week

Whether you intend to listen to recently released chart-topping hits or consume a piece of music which did not hit your radar, Varun Krishan’s weekly column has you covered.

songsYour weekly music fix.

As there is so much music being created, it is not possible for anyone to keep track of all the songs out there. So whether you intend to listen to recently released chart-topping hits, or consume an artistic piece of music which did not hit your radar, Varun Krishan’s weekly column has you covered.

What the world is listening to

Butter by BTS

“Butter” is South Korean band BTS’ second English-language single. The song has all the makings of a summer anthem. The track is fun and is further enhanced by the rap intersection. In one part Jin and Jimin sings, “Oh when I look in the mirror/I’ll melt your heart into two/I got that superstar glow.” The track is uplifting, and the beat does justice to the mood created by the artistes. “Butter” has topped Billboard charts and is still trending at the #2 spot on YouTube two weeks after its release. You should definitely give this one a listen.

p r i d e . i s . t h e . d e v i l by J. Cole feat. Lil’ Baby

“p r i d e . i s . t h e . d e v i l” is a part of J Cole’s latest album The Off-Season. In the song, J. Cole speaks about one of the seven deadly sins. The track sets the vibe with the moody hook and equally lit vocals. In one part, the artiste sings, “Pride be the reason for the family dichotomy/Got uncles and some aunties that’s too proud to give apologies.” J Cole’s verse is expressed perfectly, and it seems every word he raps is coming straight from the heart. The hook is one of the best parts of the song. It is soothing and catchy to its core with slight melancholy vibes. I found myself humming to the hook of the track many times after listening to it. I would recommend you to check out The Off-Season album in its entirety. The album is a masterpiece.

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Bantai Ki Public by Emiway (Prod By Meme Machine)

“Bantai Ki Public” is Emiway’s ode to his fans. While the verses speak about Emiway’s journey and his current position in the industry, the hook is all about Emiway standing up for his fans who he refers to as “Bantai ki Public”. The hook is energetic, and Emiway delivers it with absolute precision. Emiway delivers the first verse in Hindi and the second verse in English. You can give this song a listen this week.

What I am listening to

Gnat by Eminem

“Gnat” is part of Eminem’s 2020 album Music to Be Murdered By: B Side. Eminem touches upon various issues on the track including COVID-19 and his issues with Machine Gun Kelly. The song has extremely well put together metaphors and wordplay even by Eminem standards. It boasts of a great beat which goes well with Eminem’s delivery. Eminem makes use of a neutral delivery tone but drops some crazy references and metaphors. He compares his lyrical ability to the ongoing global pandemic caused by Covid-19. In one part, the artiste uses the phrase ‘right off the bat’ which is a genius use of wordplay. First off, ‘right off the bat’ is an idiom used to portray how fast a process is. In another sense, ‘right off the bat’ also refers to the origin of Covid-19. Eminem starts the song by rapping about his dominance in the rap game. In one of the best parts of the track, Eminem sings: “Ain’t nothin’ you say can ever Trump (Nah)/mic, pencil get killed.” The line suggests how nobody can say anything to him that can ‘trump’ his musical skills. The line is a clever use of wordplay as Eminem also references the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Eminem also brings up the name of Mike Pence, the 48th Vice President of USA and talks about pen and paper being his weapon of choice. “Gnat” boasts of great vocals, delivery, punchlines and wordplay. The song is perfect at what it strives to achieve and should definitely be on your playlist.

What the world needs to listen to

Hello by Lionel Richie

“Hello” is pure magic. It boasts of soothing vocals and a heavenly beat that are sure to give you the feels. The track was released in 1984 and reached the number one spot on three Billboard music charts. These included the pop chart, the R&B chart and the adult contemporary chart


The lyrics of the track are simple yet so relatable and the delivery is out of this world which is complimented by the music that elevates the song to the next level. The artiste starts by sining: “I’ve been alone with you inside my mind And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips a thousand times/I sometimes see you pass outside my door.” The delivery is so special that every time I hear the track, I get goosebumps. In one part, the artiste sings: “Hello, I’ve just got to let you know/’Cause I wonder where you are/ And I wonder what you do/Are you somewhere feeling lonely/or is someone loving you?/Tell me how to win your heart/For I haven’t got a clue/But let me start by saying/I love you.”

“Hello” is indeed a timeless classic.

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