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Seventeen’s Vernon shuts down comparison to BTS in dignified manner, furious ARMY and Carats slam interviewer: ‘It’s really cringe…’

ARMY and Seventeen's Carats were furious when an interviewer compared Seventeen's progress to BTS.

SeventeenSeventeen's Vernon fielded a comparison to BTS (Photos: Instagram/ Vernon, Big Hit)

Seventeen’s Vernon had to deal with a particularly tricky question during a recent interview, and fans praised him for handling it in a mature manner. The K-Pop star, along with Seungkwan and DK, had visited the American radio station Sirius XM, where they discussed the band’s closeness and their relationship with their fans (known as Carats). During the conversation, they faced a comparison to BTS, a question which incensed their fans.

They were asked, “When you started the band, there’s no way you expected that you’d be up there just like BTS. That you’d be at the same level as BTS.” Vernon, who was taking the lead in answering questions, responded in a dignified manner. “When we debuted, BTS wasn’t the BTS today either. So, it’s really crazy what we’re doing right now and where we are at right now.”

Seventeen had debuted in 2015, at a time when BTS, who had debuted two years earlier, was also facing immense struggles as K-Pop idols.

Fans were furious about the comparison and took to Twitter to express their displeasure. One fan wrote, “These questions are really cringe, but well done Vernon for answering the questions calmly and showing his mature side.” Another fan wrote, “Seventeen’s goal is to be the best Seventeen they can be.” A fan, who is part of ARMY and Carats, wrote, “I am ARMY and a Carat. This interview makes me sad. Why would he compare with another group? Just respect each other.”

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K-Pop band members are normally careful in answering such questions as this usually stirs up controversy and fan wars. Once BTS was also asked about the K-Pop band who could make it big in America, and leader RM cautioned them in Korean to answer carefully. Instantly, the band members diverted the subject and said, “BTS?”

Seventeen has just returned from the US after several performances and a win at the MTV VMAs. They also released their album Face the Sun this year. On the other hand, BTS released their anthology album Proof this year. While they collectively have taken a step back from group activities, the members are keeping fans engaged with songs, solo albums and collaborations.

First published on: 15-09-2022 at 11:36:14 am
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