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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Singer Kshitij Tarey: I get more creative satisfaction in composing

Singer Kshitij Tarey, who has tracks such as "Madno", "Tose Naina Laage" and "Aye Khuda" to his credit, said he loves to compose.

Written by A. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: April 9, 2020 11:19:48 pm
Kshitij Tarey on Bollywood music Singer Kshitij Tarey says recreation of a classic song is okay if the emotion of the song is kept intact. (Photo: Kshitij Tarey/Instagram)

The voice behind soulful tracks like “Aye Khuda” from Murder 2, “Madno” from Lamhaa and “Tose Naina Laage” from Anwar, Kshitij Tarey recently interacted with fans during a live session on The Indian Express Facebook page.

Here are excerpts from the chat:

What have you been upto during the lockdown?

I am creating a lot of music. Working on my singing.

What sort of songs do you listen to?

I believe art lives with you all the time but the kind of song you choose depends completely on the mood. I listen to every sort of music. Personally, I love songs which have a deeper meaning.

We are seeing a rise of singles in the music industry. Do you think they will ever overshadow Bollywood music?

I don’t think so. There is a space for every kind of music. In the 90s, there was a parallel industry of indie-pop, singles and albums which were not filmy but back then, even Bollywood music was popular. So, there is an audience for both. Both have something different and unique to offer. However, in regards to today’s scenario, I hope singles continue to gain the popularity and reach a level where it can co-exist with Bollywood music.

You have various emotional tracks to your credit. Is it hard to break the typecast for singers?

There are two sides to this. Yes, it is hard to break the typecast for a singer because most of the times, people in the industry are scared to experiment and sometimes, even the singer doesn’t want to move away from the genre they are known for. I want to do different genres of songs. Soon, a dance number sung by me will release. So, my fans will get to see a different side to me.

What is your opinion on recreations?

Recreations are good but only if the emotion (of the original) is not lost. The execution has to be worthy. Also, I request the musicians to please give credit to the original composers.

How important it is to have a face value for singers?

In today’s time, it is. The songs have also become a visual thing. I believe along with singers, the composers and lyricists should also get a face value. It helps in live shows. That is why reality show contestants get shows and concerts. It creates your commercial value, if I can say so.

Composer or singer, what satisfies you more?

I get more creative satisfaction in composing a song.

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