India is listening to Emiway x Dax’s I Been That

India is listening to Emiway x Dax’s I Been That

"I Been That" is a hard-hitting song from two of independent rap's biggest names.

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The last huge collaboration between American and Indian Hip-Hop was when Nas, Naezy, Divine and Ranveer Singh worked on “NY se Mumbai” for Gully Boy. That song was hot for a minute but fizzled out pretty quickly. Last week, we were blessed with “I Been That” by Emiway and Dax, an international collaboration that is sure to very quickly become legend.

Emiway Bantai has been an incredibly stable presence in Indian Hip Hop in the past few years. He has almost seven million YouTube subscribers. It makes sense then, that he would collaborate with Dax, a fellow independent rapper.

Dax may have spent a good deal of the past year drowning in diss tracks from various rappers, but his collaboration with Emiway marks a return to form that is truly remarkable.


Who will love it: Fans of Indian Hip Hop, people who enjoy YouTube rappers, and those who appreciate good flow.

The Good: Dax and Emiway deliver hard-hitting performances and really put the ‘ire’ in ‘fire’.

The Bad: There are only so many times you can listen to something that sounds this angry before getting tired.

The Verdict: “I Been That” is a strong collaboration from two independent rappers that is definitely worth your time.