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Thursday, February 27, 2020

India is listening to Arijit Singh and Pritam’s ‘Khairiyat’

A lighter hand on the bass may have fixed some of 'Khairiyat's' most glaring issues, but it still remains a standard tragic song.

Written by Abhishek Singh | New Delhi | Published: September 1, 2019 1:53:47 pm

‘India is listening to’ is a look at what music is wildly popular in the country at the moment, and whether it’s worth your time. 

Arijit Singh has had a busy August. He started off with a single from the upcoming T-Series album Jaani Ve, sang on the title track of the film Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, and rounded out the month with “Khairiyat” from the upcoming film Chhichhore.

The song is a heavy, orchestral number that in true Arijit Singh fashion delves into the pain of parting and falling out of touch with someone who was once close to you. There is nothing new about this for Singh but he does what he does very well.

As expected, his voice fits the bill for this type of song and can draw out the emotion behind the lyrics. Where the song falls flat is in some bits of Pritam’s music. The mix of the string section, guitar and piano combined with Singh’s voice works. But once the song reaches the first verse, the bass takes over everything in mix of the song.

Having the bass be that prominent in the mix may not have been the best choice for the song. While the instrument can be used to build tension or accentuate a feeling in a song if it is used right, on “Khairiyat,” it distracts from everything else in the song.

A lighter hand on the bass may have fixed some of the song’s most glaring issues, but “Khairiyat” still remains a standard tragic song. There isn’t much that sets it apart from anything else in Singh’s repertoire. While this may work well for the film, the song does not stand on its own two feet.

Who will love it: Arijit Singh fans, sad song lovers.

The Good
: Singh’s voice is on point as always and some parts of the music complement it well.

The Bad: The bass is too prominent, the song feels a tad formulaic in its execution.

The Verdict: Listen to this song on laptop or phone speakers and you will probably enjoy it more. The lesser the bass, the better.

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