India is listening to Aawara Shaam Hai by Meet Bros ft Piyush Mehroliyaa

India is listening to Aawara Shaam Hai by Meet Bros ft Piyush Mehroliyaa

The Meet Bros deliver a song that stands out from the crowd with "Aawara Shaam Hai".

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The monsoon seems to be the time for love songs. The past month or so has seen a slew of romantic releases that sound incredibly similar to each other. Whether in films or releases from music directors, the market is incredibly saturated at the moment. “Aawara Shaam Hai” by the Meet Bros tries to separate itself from the pack, but doing so is easier said than done.

The song starts with slow guitar while a sampled violin plays the melody that stays throughout the song. It is clear that the Meet Bros know what they want from the song. It relies on sampled instruments and guitars throughout the song to build a mood. It is reminiscent of slow 90s Bollywood music and sounds different from the droves of romantic numbers that have been released recently.

Section to section, the instrumentation in the song changes in subtle ways to weave together the song’s narrative. The Meet Bros’ songwriting abilities are on full display in the song, even if the lyrics may come off as corny to some. Despite that, Piyush Mehroliyaa’s voice is just the right texture, and relays the song’s lovestruck aura with great impact.


The Meet Bros have also provided the music for the upcoming Ayushmann Khurrana film Dream Girl, which is slated for a September release.

Who will love it: Fans of old-school romantic songs, Meet Bros fans.

The Good: The song is well-written and its different parts work together to convey a message.

The Bad: The lyrics are corny.

The Verdict: “Aawara Shaam Hai” might be a typical love song, but it does enough differently from its competitors to be memorable.