Euphoria frontman Palash Sen turns filmmaker with Jiya Jaye, launches son Kinshuk

Euphoria frontman Palash Sen turns filmmaker with Jiya Jaye, launches son Kinshuk

Euphoria frontman Palash Sen has made his debut as a filmmaker with short film Jiya Jaye. The film also marks the acting debut of his son Kinshuk Sen. In an exclusive conversation with, Palash talks about the short film, its concept and how justified it is to launch his son.

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Euphoria frontman Palash Sen debuts as filmmaker.

Euphoria frontman Palash Sen surprised everyone by making his debut as a filmmaker with a short film titled Jiya Jaye. The film is based in Jammu and Kashmir and depicts a love story through the political unrest within the state.

While we are already excited to watch the short film, another reason why this film will surely make headlines is the fact that Palash introduces his son Kinshuk Sen as an actor with Jiya Jaye, raising the debate of nepotism yet again.

But before that, in an exclusive conversation with, Palash talks about the short film, how it is different than the films made so far and how India needs a music industry, which does not fall under Bollywood.

“This country is hijacked by film music. All slots on channels are being bought. There is no slot for independent music. No place for non-bollywood music. So, we wanted to do something which is different and bold. We made a song but then thought of making a film around it. We wanted to give a different form of entertainment to the audience and also wanted to create a different platform for other independent artists,” said Palash while emphasising on why he took the step of becoming a filmmaker.


Since the film is based in Kashmir, Palash explained his connect with the state and how important it was for him to tell people that Jammu and Kashmir is not about bomb blasts and all sorts of political unrest but it is a peace loving state.

“As a child I have grown up in Kashmir. I have known that it is not how Kashmir is shown. It is a peace loving place. Kashmiriyat is all about secularism. For example, Pandits had to leave the valley but I can say Kashmiris are not happy about it. So, some people have made Kashmir a big issue for all of us. So, for me it was very important to make a film where we are showing that in Kashmir whatever happens, people suffer despite their religion because of someone’s else interest. It is important to stand up for the country and state,” quipped Palash.

But when asked if there has been a help from political end, Palash said, “Since so many years we are watching this happening so there is no political motivation to make things normal. I have a great hope from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, if anyone can do this, it is just him but he has to do it fast because people are dying.”

Check out the film here:

While talking about the film, he also introduced us to his son Kinshuk. However, when questioned about nepotism, he had the right statements to support the entire debate.

“I think what Kangana meant was that we are working in a scenario or a industry which is taking talent from a pool. Now, this is not necessarily from your family but also from the camp or your friends or the yes men, whatever you may call it. So, that is what she meant that if you are not from the league, you will not get a job. But what I believe is that talent will speak on its own. Life is not about hype or money. What matters is that how you do your work and how people respond to it. We (Euphoria) don’t have much popularity. We are not glamourous. But whatever we have done so far, there’s a percentage of people in the country who have appreciated us for it. They matter.”

Jiya Jaye also has a song, which has went on to become a hit among the audience. On being asked why it took so long for him to come up with a romantic number, the singer answered, “Pyaar ki feeling nahi aari thi bohot saalo se. I believe till the time you don’t have the right thing to say, don’t say it. You see every friday there are five love songs coming or people are crying. The lyrics are so hilarious! So, we felt we had something to talk about. So, we expressed that through Jiya Jaye.”

But he also believes that India is a country where people love to be in love and to feel pain.

“Logo ko dard aur pyar bohot accha lagta hai. Bohot dardili country hai ye. But more than that, we have two sorts of audience, one who follows a trend and other who very intelligently and skeptically makes their choices. We are looking at the second set of people. If we can educate more, we will be happy but the set of people who are expecting something different and above than normal intelligence, Euphoria music belongs to them,” he said.

By the way, not just Bollywood music, Palash has a stand on Bollywood films too. He says there is a need to strike a balance between content driven films and films which he claims to be baseless.

Check out our interview with Palash Sen and his son Kinshuk. 

“There should be room for everything. Every sort of film and music. Like for every Judwaa 2, there’s a Bheja Fry or a Dangal. I am not saying that Judwaa 2 is a bad film but there shouldn’t be only these kind of films. For every Siddharth Malhotra there is a Nawazuddin Siddiqui. You will see he (Siddharth) doesn’t know acting. The thing is maybe someone wants to see a person who looks good on screen but for me, an actor like should be like Tom Cruise, what an actor, what good looks! So, I guess there is no filter in Indian film industry. Here, if you are a good actor you may not be good looking but if you are a bad actor but good looking, it works. It shouldn’t be that way.”

“We need someone who bridges this gap. Kangana Priyanka are good examples of this,” he concludes.

Euphoria is one of the rare bands whose music has remained timeless. Whether Maeri or Raja Rani, Palash Sen’s band have been performing at sold out concerts. Audiences love them for their energy on stage and for the songs they had released back in early 90s.

Talking about the same, Palash said, “If you make good music, it will remain timeless. I will still attend a concert of musicians like Asha ji if she would perform. In contemporary situation, Amit Trivedi and Mithoon are eternal. We are being loved because of the kind of life we put in our performance and give people a memory and entertainment for life. Many artistes are lip syncing on stage. What’s the fun in there?”

Listen to the romantic soulful number Jiya Jaye Na here: 


For Jiya Jaye, Euphoria has collaborated with Shreya Ghoshal for the first time. When asked about it, Palash categorised Shreya and Sunidhi Chauhan as two singers who knocks people out of their slumbers.