Charli XCX, Prabh Deep, Foo Fighters and more: September music releases you may have missed

Charli XCX, Prabh Deep, Foo Fighters and more: September music releases you may have missed

Our September release roundup puts together ten of the best songs you may have missed from the month.

September release roundup
Charli XCX, Prabh Deep, Foo Fighters, and others all put out new music in September.

A lot of music is released every single day. Aside from music from films, India is also home to a thriving independent music scene. In all the buzz around the biggest releases, it is easy to overlook songs that you might have otherwise enjoyed listening to. But don’t worry, we have you covered.

Here is a list of some of the best new music released this past month from India and around the world.

1. Charli XCX – “2099”

Charli XCX’s new album is nothing like her last. Evolving past the tropes of conventional pop, her last album, Charli, saw her embrace a more futuristic sound. The album’s polish comes through on pretty much any song you pick but “2099” featuring Troye Sivan is especially good.

2. Prabh Deep – “Tofa”

Hot on the heels of his EP King, Prabh Deep released “Tofa”. The song sounds like an unreleased cut from King but shows without any shadow of a doubt why Prabh Deep is one of Indian independent music’s most prominent figures.

3. Foo Fighters – “Seda”


The Foo Fighters managed to surprise their fans earlier this month. Their recent surprise drop EP, titled 01070725, features rarities and B-sides from the Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace album era. The short EP also sees the band cover Arcade Fire and the Dead Kennedys.

4. Trance Effect – “New Beginnings”

Trance Effect is a band from Nagaland. Their sound is unique in the current indie landscape. This is, at least in part, because of vocalist Luli Yeptho’s soaring voice.

5. Bombay Bicycle Club – Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)

British indie rock band Bombay Bicycle Club announced that they were returning to making music together after a three-year-long hiatus. The first single from their upcoming album is a true return to form and features their signature style.

6. Danny Brown – “Best Life”

Danny Brown’s “Best Life” is a chill, breezy song that seems to be about living for what you have right now instead of worrying about the future. Despite the happy premise of the song, it’s still Danny Brown. You can expect clever wordplay and Brown’s oddball delivery much like any of his songs.

7. Malfnktion – “Chopta”

The song borrows its name from the Chopta valley in Uttarakhand. The place was apparently an inspiration to the Bangalore-based producer who even incorporated sounds from the valley in this track. “Chopta” is the lead single from Malfnktion’s upcoming album, The Infinity Trail.

8. Naezy – “Fatke”

Naezy’s most recent release isn’t really a big departure for him. This isn’t Naezy being very experimental, but rather, he makes sure that whatever he does on the song is well-executed and familiar.

9. Rex Orange County – “10/10”

Rex Orange County sounds like he has had a difficult year. The synth-laden “10/10” is a song about burning out but healing despite what life throws at you. The song is the first single from the musician’s upcoming album Pony.

10. Blackstratblues – “Looking For Polaris”

Blackstratblues’ last album’s lead single was called “North Star”. Its sister track, “Looking for Polaris”, is a heavy blues-rock number that offers some bold melodies and an especially intense outro solo.