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‘Slaying duos’ V-Jungkook, Suga-Jimin and J-Hope perform Run BTS challenge, ARMY eagerly waits for RM and Jin next

BTS V and Jungkook performed Run BTS, followed by Jimin and Suga, and then J-Hope.

BTSBTS V, Jungkook, Jimin and Suga perform Run BTS (Photos: Big Hit)

BTS’ V and Jungkook finally performed the RUN BTS challenge, something that ARMY has demanding for a while now, The dance challenge, which was performed by other HYBE bands, had become somewhat of a sensation on the net, with many waiting for BTS members’ performances. BTS V and Jungkook performed, followed by Jimin and Suga, and then J-Hope.

While V and Jungkook performed the song’s choreography with the sunset as the backdrop, Jimin and Suga showed their moves in the dance studio. One fan wrote, “taekook is so strongly connected to sunsets…” Another added, “Hobi, Yoonmin, and Taekook already did the challenge. The next one is Namjin.” A third mentioned, “Taekook doing the run bts challenge in front of the pool. A very rare opportunity to see. And what a cool edit too…” One wrote, “The powerful besties Taekook moment on tiktok Run bts dance challenge so slaying duo..finally…”

The video was edited by Jungkook, and directed by V.

Earlier, many of HYBE’s bands had shared their TikTok videos with the song, including Enhypen’s Ni-Ki and Jungwon, Le Sserafim, TXT’ Yeonjun, New Jeans, and Seventeen. Jungkook had earlier showed his own little solo of the song.

Run BTS had become a craze among ARMY ever since it was released as part of the anthology album, Proof this year. The song is a nostalgic throwback to their early days, and fans had been eagerly waiting for their performance during the Busan concert. The band delivered and it was a subject of discussion on social media for days, with many fans trying out the dance moves.

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While RM prepares to release his album, Indigo this week, Jin will leave for his military service by December 13, much to the sorrow of fans. The vocalist had bid his goodbyes in person to ARMY during the Argentina concert with Coldplay, after he performed his solo, Astronaut. The band is expected to reconvene as a band in 2025.

First published on: 28-11-2022 at 10:37 IST
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