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BTS RM hints at crisis and says the band is trying to ‘protect what’s really theirs’, J-Hope rushes to cheer him up: ‘Seven forever’

BTS leader RM opened up about the band's brotherhood and his upcoming album during his latest VLive.

BTS RMBTS RM came on VLive (Photo: Instagram/ RKive)

BTS’ RM turned 28 yesterday on September 12 (29, in Korean years). Keeping with the tradition, the band’s leader and rapper came on VLive and addressed his fans, expressing his gratitude and how emotional he was at all the love he had received. After explaining that his solo album might release at the end of the year, he also left ARMY slightly worried as he spoke about trying times—without delving directly into the matter and hinted at the difficulties that the band was going through. His band member, J-Hope began to spam the live with his comments and wrote ‘7 forever’. Nevertheless, RM’s comments left ARMY concerned and anxious as many speculated that he was under much stress, as even Suga mentioned in his birthday wish, ‘to cheer up’.

Speaking about how close the seven of them are despite the crisis, RM said, “As you know our team is now really in a situation where a lot of things are confusing. It’s not uncertain.. everyone knows about it. And in that situation each of us are working hard to protect what’s ours.”

He referred to a conversation that he had earlier with J-Hope, “We are in the middle of trying really hard. Moreover, not long ago we were talking among ourselves by having a drink but we just spoke that way. I don’t remember if it was something Hoseok said or I said. ‘I’m glad we are closer (to each other) among ourselves. Just that no matter what happens to us or what approaches us, I think it would be enough if members take care of each other and have the same mindset (as everyone). I think of it as (we are) a special team.'” ARMY has been particularly worried about RM ever since the June 2022 Festa dinner as he had broken down, saying that the group had lost its direction and that they needed time to figure themselves out. Later, in another live, RM had mentioned that he had been quite emotional and had cried a lot.

Recently, the band members revealed they got tattoos—-though Suga’s tattoo still remains a bit of a mystery. Speaking about permanence and irreversibility of it, RM revealed that he did not want a tattoo at first, but he decided to see it through. “I don’t really like irreversibility, so there could also be things I’m helpless about, but to be honest I was not going to get the tattoo…but I’m sure we’ve seen it to the point I got a tattoo.. and the relationship among the members are better than any other time.”

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Nevertheless, J-Hope began spamming the Live to bring cheer to RM, which made the leader rather happy. Other members sent their wishes on Weverse, and Jimin shared a post apologising for being late as he was recording, but still wished his ‘brother’ a happy birthday.

First published on: 13-09-2022 at 11:27 IST
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