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BTS: Jimin and RM comfort nervous Jin with their spin on Extraordinary Attorney Woo greeting. Watch

In the latest Bangtan Bomb that showed behind-the-scenes footage of J-Hope's release party, RM and Jimin try to reassure a rather nervous Jin, who says that he isn't comfortable with meeting new people.

BTSNew Bangtan Bomb just dropped (Photo: Big Hit)

BTS members barring Suga attended J-Hope’s Jack In The Box pre-release party to cheer him on. Recently, in the latest Bangtan Bomb video (a video for fans), it was shown that Jin was rather nervous of meeting and greeting other celebrities and the members had to reassure him. In the clip, he asks RM and Jimin how to greet celebrities and they put their own spin on the greeting from the latest Korean show, Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

RM answers, “Just go to the celeb and say ‘Bang to the Tan to the Jin,'” and he and Jimin do the special handshake. In the show, Woo Young Woo and Dong Geu Rami have special greeting, which involves them saying ‘Woo to the Young to the Woo’ and ‘Dong to the Geu to the Rami’, which is followed by circular hand motions, and then a dab. Prior to this moment, Jin asks J-Hope what exactly he must do at the rehearsal, and the rapper comforts him while Jin reveals, “I am uncomfortable with meeting new people.”  J-Hope tells him that he can just listen and enjoy the music, and not to worry.

The Bangtan Bomb had other special moments, documenting J-Hope’s nervousness and worry about the songs. He laughs, “It’s not good if I’m unsatisfied with the rehearsal.”

Yet, what made ARMY particularly emotional was seeing V and Jimin sitting together and talking. Many commented saying that it had been a long time since they had seen the ‘soulmates’ (as they call each other). “I feel like it’s been ten years,” one fan wrote. In another part of the video, Jin tries to avoid being in the limelight, while J-Hope and Jungkook dance to Butter. The members enjoyed a session in the photobooth, and pulled poses too, making space for Suga, who could not attend the event as he had fever.

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First published on: 28-07-2022 at 14:06 IST
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