Armaan Malik: MixTape allows me to explore a different side of myself

Armaan Malik: MixTape allows me to explore a different side of myself

Singer Armaan Malik talks about being born in a family of musicians, singing in reality shows and finding a place in the industry.

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Armaan Malik was a finalist on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs in 2005. (Photo: Armaan Malik/Twitter)

Armaan Malik might have been born in a family of musicians, but the singer-composer has carved his own niche in Bollywood. After being a finalist on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs in 2005, the young artiste soon entered films and went on to deliver hit songs like “Main Hoon Hero Tera”, “Bol Do Na Zara”, “Sab Tera” and “Tumhe Apna Banane Ka”.

Armaan, who closely works with his elder brother and composer Amaal Malik, is kicked about his latest outing – T-Series MixTape Season 2 presented by Amazon Prime Music, where he has performed with Shreya Ghoshal.

In an exclusive interaction, Armaan Malik talks about his music legacy, finding a place in the industry and MixTape Season 2.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

Q. How difficult or easy is it for a reality show contestant to get a break in the industry?

It’s not easy at all. Even if you win the show, it doesn’t guarantee you a song in a film. The struggle starts all over after you are done with the competition. And it is very important that you understand the fact that a reality show is not the be all or end all of your career. Even if you get eliminated early on in the show doesn’t mean that your journey ends there and even if you win the show, it doesn’t mean that you have become victorious because the journey starts after the show, not during the show.


Q. Is it a pressure to come from a family of legendary musicians?

No pressure at all! The only pressure was to make a name for myself away from the family. To have an identity of my own. Everyone knows I belong to the Malik family. That does play an important role in the music industry, with my uncle Anu Malik and my dad Daboo Malik and more so even my grandfather. We have a rich musical legacy. But me and my brother Amaal have made a conscious decision to step out from the shadow and make our own identity and musical legacy.

Q. How was performing for MixTape 2 different from your other previous collaborations?

MixTape allows me to explore a different side of myself which I wouldn’t be able to in a film track or like in a normal song. I get that freedom to do the kind of reflections or variations I want to do to a song. I am extremely excited about singing with Shreya Ghoshal this time because it’s always been a dream to sing with her and this is the first time we are coming together. This is going to be one memorable performance of mine. These are the kind of collaborations we can do with MixTape. Unlike the sad and slow version of the song ‘Tum Hi Ho’, we are creating a peppy and funky feel to this evergreen song. Shreya Ghoshal too adds her zing to the song as she effortlessly merges it into ‘Rehnuma’ which was originally sung by her in the movie too.

Q. Which has been your personal favourite song or collaboration?

My personal favourite from my own songs would be “Tere Mere”. From what I have not sung and still liked would be “Roke Na Ruke Naina”.

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Q. How do you react to the current trend of recreating old classics?

If done right, it’s a great thing and if not done right, it’s not a good thing. The volume of remakes should just come down a little bit. I love doing originals because that’s my musicality but I myself have done a lot of remakes. The most important thing is it should be done well.

Q. A song that you’d like to dedicate to your fans?

“Main Hoon Hero Tera”