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Tutak Tutak Tutiya movie review: There is no comedy here, only horror

Tutak Tutak Tutiya movie review: What happens when Prabhu Deva is not given enough dance numbers but is expected to act and Tamannah Bhatia is turned into a sari-clad frump? Horror!

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Tutak Tutak Tutiya movie review: The script is risible, the plot expected and humour peurile in this Prabhu Deva, Tamannah Bhatia and Sonu Sood movie.

Tutak Tutak Tutiya movie cast: Prabhu Deva, Tamannaah Bhatia, Sonu Sood, Murli Sharma
Tutak Tutak Tutiya movie director: VijayKnock knock.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Prabhu Deva.
Prabhu Deva who?

You don’t know me? I dance like a charm, and I have a certain goody endearing quality which is appealing, but I’m not and I’ll never be that guy who commands the screen fully.

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Both the actor and director seem to have forgotten that crucial fact in this multi-lingual ‘horror comedy’ (out in Tamil as Devi and Telugu as Abhinetri today, with the same faces). In far too much of the running time in Tutak Tutak Tutiya, Prabhu Deva gets only the odd dance number to show his moves, and made to ‘act’ instead.

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This basically means a series of grimaces and groans studded in a risible script, in which we rapidly lose all interest after we’ve finished smiling weakly at the leading man’s accented Hindi as the boorish Krishna, and his puerile attempts at getting rid of a doormat of a wife (Tamannah Bhatia).

The horror is supposed to arise from the plot point which gives us another side to the servile biwi via a ‘bhoot’. Yes, a sari-wearing docile frump can turn into a modern girl in short clothes with starry ambitions in the company of Bollywood superstar Raj (Sonu Sood: when will this perfectly competent actor do something worth our while?) only under the influence of a spirit.

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Otherwise, good wives are meant to cook and clean uncomplainingly, and clean up after their husbands, and produce babies.

There’s no comedy in this. Only horror.

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